Love Me For Me

Love me. For who I am. For who I am to be. For me.

Love me. Not the person you want me to be. For me.

Love me. For the way I capture sunlight upon my face. For me.

Love me.  For turning storm clouds into rainbows. For me.

Love me. For the mirrored tear drops that rest within the corners of my eyes. For me.

Love me. For the painted images I create in the dreams of my life. For me.

Love me. For the laughter which tickles the fear from your thoughts. For me.

Love me. For the depth of my eyes which see into the window of your soul. For me.

Love me for me so that I may love you for you.

Love me. For the mountains I turn into grassland hills, rolling and swaying in soft summer breezes. For me.

Love me. For my stillness beside the ocean waves.  For me.

Love me. For how I see the world between the leaves on the trees. For me.

Love me. For the emotions I feel when my soul and heart sing for you. For me.

Love me. Enfold me within Mary’s robe of Cerulean blue . Embrace me. 

For me.




Candlelight begins with a spark. It is the chemical ignition of energy produced by mixing fuel and oxygen resulting in heat and flame. This flame represents our source of creation and our inner light. Our soul. Candlelight is an important part of our rituals in all cultures and festivals around the world. Light is the symbol for Christmas, the light of life at Easter. The Festival of Lights in India kindles the light of wisdom in every heart. The Festival of Lights in Thailand, with floating candles on rivers, is thought to bring good luck and fulfilled wishes. In Japan, floating lights guide spirits back to their world. The Jewish Festival of Lights is represented by the Menorah. In every culture light triumphs over darkness, miracles and hope. In every culture lighting candles is a time of healing, reflection, contemplation and meditation. Candlelight graces our dinner tables and homes where our senses become enlivened by essential oils lit in jars. Candlelight is the spark, of a new idea, an old tradition, of love, the conception of new life. The spark of light is the beginning.

Candlelight requires energy to keep the fire burning. The constant use of oxygen and fuel to produce in this case, heat and light. As long as energy is available, the candle will burn. There must be an energy source accessible in order to produce energy. The balance of give and take. We consume energy every day, the energy produced by the sun, the food we eat and drink, the energy of our thoughts and thinking.  Our surroundings and the people within it. Meditation. We also give out energy. This is done through our actions, the words we speak, the work we do, our creative endeavors, walking, jogging, dancing and skiing. Yoga. Laughing and crying, emotions. Breathing and breath. A burning candle represents our life and the living we do. Each one of us the light of life. The light that illumines not only us but, when combined with all others can produce the energy of the sun. Without the sun we would not exist. Without our own light we too would cease to be.

Our spark was the beginning. It ignited and produced energy and light fueled by the energy of our Divine source. Throughout our lifetime we strive to keep our light burning bright. Sometimes people try to dim our light. Or they carry your candle illuminating their own lives. Or they rob you of energy and oxygen keeping your light dim afraid of your light, that it will outshine their own. Sometimes we deny our own energy keeping our light dim out of fear. And then there are those who run in the wind with their own candle not afraid it will be blown out. The have let go of fear and opinion and instead trust in their soul and their God, the inner knowing that only when their purpose has been fulfilled will their light cease to shine on this earth.

When your candle has burned down and your life energy wains, your light will not longer illumine this earth. Rather, it will rejoin the light of the Universe. As your candle dims and your body breath becomes shallow, oxygen scarce, know this. Contained within the smoke rising toward the heavens is the same spark that ignited your life. The chemistry changed from light to ashes but, the essence of the candle and its light is never lost. Who’s energy do you think is fueling the light of the stars, our Universe and the angels who whisper to you in the night. Life begins with a single spark. Illuminate the world with your beautiful light. Run in the wind.

Emotions: Learn a New Language, Speak a New Language

Emotions. Emotions are as vast as the sea. We all know emotions as we experience them all the time, every day. We define our emotions by the feelings they evoke within and without and sometimes by the responses of others. Emotions are viewed as negative and positive, opposites and somewhere in between. The balance we attempt to obtain through life circumstance. But, are they really positive or negative? I guess it all depends on how comfortable we are with our own emotions, how we express them and whether or not we are allowed to express them in the presence of others. Whether or not we view emotions as weak or strong extensions of ourselves.

Emotions are a language unto themselves. Laughter equates happiness. Perhaps, it is a nervous laughter or a giggle of delight. Maybe just a wide-eyed smile of acceptance, disbelief or shock. How does contentment feel deep down inside? There definitely are levels of happy emotions as some rumble and stir the soul. We can certainly identify our angry emotions. Do you know why you become angry? How do you look when you are angry? Is your face red, does your blood pressure increase, does your body tense?  How does your head feel? How do you act out your anger? And then there is sadness with quivering lips, tears, tension felt in the heart space and stomach. Sorrow and grief are a deep level of sadness where the emotions plant themselves like seeds among the tissue and every cell of your body. What do you do with fear?

Our emotions are the language of our soul. They tell us something about the way we react to events and circumstances in our everyday world. We experience them to varying degrees and depths, to the bottom of the emotional ocean. It is vital that we understand the language of our emotions instead of pushing them away, telling ourselves we are silly, feel embarrassed or weak and worse yet, out of control. Emotions are to be welcomed and invited in. It is a time to ask yourself the questions. Why am I feeling this way and what are you trying to tell me? What am I not seeing and what is the lie I have been telling myself? Am I able to tell the difference between anger and sadness? What is going on deep down inside of me?  If we understand why we feel the way we do, it is only then we can speak the language of our emotions in acceptable ways, without hurting others or ourselves.

There is a language of emotions we can speak in ways that help and nurture us instead of causing chaos or uncontrolled outbursts. The language holds you accountable for your emotions rather than blaming others. Instead of saying, “You made me angry,” you might try, “When you said this comment, that made me feel sad and angry.” When someone says a statement or does an action that is hurtful you have an opportunity to express your emotion from your own point of view, accepting responsibility for your emotions and how it made you feel. This is what we call emotional maturity. Going and telling someone else how a person made you feel is not. When we choose to keep our emotions bottled up, the result is an erupting volcano when something insignificant triggers our emotions to rise to the surface. The language of our emotions is a component of our everyday language. Telling someone how they made you feel after a compliment is easy and light. Telling someone their words made you feel sad or angry is difficult because we fear judgement, rejection, guilt, disapproval. We prefer instead to tuck it deep down inside. To be quiet and hide our truth.

Learning a new language takes time and patience before being confident enough to speak it out loud. The language of our emotions is no different.  And remember, if the person who spoke hurtful words to you has a problem with you taking responsibility for your emotions and voicing that, well then, that is really their problem. Find the courage to learn and speak the language of your emotions. Emotions are not meant to be stored in the basement of your soul. The result of speaking your emotional language will be an increased self-esteem, improved relationships, increased self-respect for self and from others. Less anger I think. More love and tears of joy. Greater truth. And a soul that sings. Can’t forget that, can we!

Where Are You Going

The Singing Soul

Where are you going? I am going outside. What are you doing? I am playing ball. When will you be home? For lunch.

Where are you going? I am going to school. What are you doing? I am learning. When will you be home? Around 4:00.

Where are you going? I am going out with my friends. What are you doing? I am just hanging out. When will you be home? Before midnight.

Where are you going? I am going to look for an apartment. What are you doing? Moving out and in with some friends. When will you be home? In a couple of weeks.

Where are you going? I am going out with the love of my life. What are you doing? Planning a wedding. When will you be home? In a few months.

Where are you going? I am going house hunting. What are you doing. Starting a family.  When will…

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The Soul and The Ego

This is a comparison of the soul and the ego. A comparison after much thought and ponder constantly playing on the edges of my mind in dreams and daily life. It is the constant back and forth of many of my blog themes and is now moving from shadow into the light. Perhaps it is the daily ado of our world and the people presently upon the stage which instigates this current culmination of ink. Perhaps it is the synchronicity I have come to know and follow, leading me on my soul path, writing this blog.  It is the see-saw and back and forth between good and evil, dark and light, love and hate, fear. The soul and the ego represent this see-saw defining soul as good, compassion, empathy, divine purpose and love. The ego therefore, dark, shadow, jealousy, envy, power and control. These two entities represent the battle within and the battle without. The battles between self and others. The war between human kind and mother nature. The duel between soul and ego is played out in all facets of life and living.

The soul is our divine source of life. It is our guide, our intuition, our knowing and reason. The soul is the angel sitting upon your right shoulder. It is the wings that lift you in times of despair and hopelessness. The soul spans eons from the beginning of time and carries information from lifetime to lifetime. Our bodies and egos return to dust. Do you know you were born from the stars dotted about the Universe. The very same energy contained within the Universe and the stars is formed in you. And still you question your purpose and reason for being upon this earth. Encased within your soul is the book of you. There is no story written of hatred, jealousy, envy or fear. There is no line that states do something different toward others than that which you would like done unto you. The book is written in one language. Love. It is the language we all understand. Love overrides judgement and comparison. Love simply is the greatest energy of all. The energy we call our soul. The energy of this vast Universe.

Our personalities are composed of three parts, the id, the ego and the superego. This fact is the work and study of Freud on the human psyche. The id is the impulsive and unconscious part and describes the newborn child. The id is the instinct and exists for the purpose of having its needs met. The ego functions as a decision maker and takes into account social norms, etiquette and rules. The ego is adept at devising strategies to seek pleasure and avoid pain. The ego is formed around the age of three. The superego is developed around age 5 and is learned from our parents and others who impact our developing life. Guilt or feeling pride and the strive for perfection within us, is the function of the superego. This is a very simplistic view of the human psyche and years long works and study by Freud. Having said that, this is the basis of psychology and clinical direction today.

The ego, developed very early in life, is shaped by the people who nurture us or not, model behaviors, standards, morals and yes, even prejudice. If we are raised in environments where love is prevalent, our needs are met, we are valued, listened to and respected, the balance between soul and ego is attained. When we are raised to be tolerant, just and kind and to display empathy for others, then our egos grow up healthy too. Both angels of soul and ego have a balanced weight. On the other hand, if the ego is developed in an environment where needs are not met, there is a lack of love, being heard or respected, the ego becomes bruised and misaligned instead seeking self-worth through dis-empowering others. The overwhelming desire to be better than, know more than, be more than, have more than, more, more and more. The angel of a more-than ego weighs heavily on the left shoulder, burdens, weight, power and control. The opposite of soul.

As adults, we have choice. We instinctively know the difference between good and bad, love and hate, compassion and hurt, meanness. Yes, we can undo the learning of our yesteryear although this does take some work and effort on our part. Your soul, the ways in which it speaks to you of love and knowing, the signs leading you on your path are always there. There are books written, videos made, talks and retreats available. There are friends and groups and goodness and light. There are simply choices everywhere and all around us. And there is your soul, the best mentor in the whole world who will never lead you astray. Acknowledge your ego and its wants and needs but, do not feed it. When you starve your ego, you nourish your soul. Start by doing one small act of kindness for someone. Your soul will sing and your heart will begin to grow. The weight on your left shoulder will ease and you will stand tall, perhaps for the first time. The sun will shine upon your heart and a smile will touch your eyes. And when it is your time to leave this beautiful existence remember this, it is your soul that travels with you and your ego is left behind. The soul contains all the love experienced and expressed in your lifetime. And in that final moment, when your heart breaks open and the ego is released, your soul will once again whisper,”Welcome home. I missed you.” For in heaven, among the energy of the stars, there is no ego.

Soul Parts

The Singing Soul

Soul parts. The sun and the moon and everything in between. Soul parts are pieces of ourselves that finally come together like a completed puzzle, hopefully before our time on this earth ends. If not, we leave with work unfinished, soul parts wishing we had more time, regrets. Soul parts are what we came here to complete, to rise to the next stage of enlightenment, fix, oil and grease. A squirt of love here, illuminating dark corners there, the elation of joy and sorrow of despair everywhere. Some come to heal past traumas or experience new traumas, some to lead, others to teach. Some to rise above and others to sink below and all the while each of us live our own life. Each of us bringing to this life soul parts completed and those left undone. Each with whole soul parts and broken pieces. Our soul parts make us who we are and our journeys unique. What…

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