Hey! That’s Your Soul Talking!

Do you ever walk through a forest breathing in the musty scent of fallen trees and mushrooms? Do you wander through an art gallery seeing canvases colored with laughter and tears? Do you travel through books of places and pages not yet travelled or times in history? Most importantly, what are you feeling, smelling, tasting?

It is when we are in our most sacred spaces held in the present moment that our soul speaks. We know this because it is like coming home, returning to the nest or the comfort of loving arms. Our whole selves VIBRATE  with the energy that is us, our all, our everything. This is how your soul speaks to you letting you know you are travelling on the right path. Your path, your journey.

Sometimes it is the dark hours of the early morning when you lie awake, still in stillness. Sometimes it is in the yoga studio during savasana, either on the inbreath or the outbreath. Perhaps, in meditation, in total oneness. LISTEN. Someone is speaking. Honor the voice within. Embrace the goodness that is you. Honor your path, your soul. Honor YOU.

                                 The QUIETER you become the more you can HEAR.

Speak Your Truth. Whispering No Longer Serves You

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