Your Song

We all have a unique song in our soul. Hearing that song and recognizing it as our own is another story. Let’s face it, life is busy, filled with the sounds of our jobs, families,friends, communities and constant  news of the world. Sometimes we are filled with the sounds of our own voice filling our soulspace with the waves of negative chatter. With all the endless noise, how then do we hear our own soul singing to us.

I can tell you from personal experience that sometimes it takes a life crisis to find your true path. A crisis or life pause that shatters all that you once knew to be true for you. These pauses usually manifest in the form of loss and rapid unexpected change. Events that throw us for a loop, that we could never imagine happening, thrash the very senses of our being and make us ask the question “why me!” We are thrown into the depths of our soul faced with coming to terms with a new landscape that we are often unprepared to travel,,,,,,no road map,,,,,,,no GPS!

And so, we shall begin to explore the journey of finding the song of our soul. Crisis or just everyday living, it is a song we must hear, recognize and sing if we are to truly live our purpose, our reason for being.

Speak Your Truth. Whispering No Longer Serves You

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