Silencing Your Song

“Respect is one of the greatest expressions of love. If other people try to write your story, it means they don’t respect you. They consider that you are not a good artist who can write your own story, even though this is what you were born to do.”       Don Miguel Ruiz

How many times in your life were you aware of another, trying either knowingly or unknowingly, to silence your souls longing? From the time we are born we know instinctively the path to follow, as it is the reason we are here. The reason for our BEING.

As we grow and mature, we sometimes get caught up in following the expected path others have designed for us. And so to keep the peace, fit in with family norms and often times society, we follow the song of another. We loose our way. We loose faith in believing we and we only know what is best for ourselves.

But, the soul never gives up. Throughout your life events happen. You meet people who share new ways of thinking and seeing the world, perhaps you travel to distant lands and explore new cultures or take a course at school. Whatever the experience you will always take away something that nourishes your soul. And when you finally have the ultimate experience that lets you know that this is what you were called to do,,,,,,,,this is what is called the AHA moment in your life.

That AWAKENING moment is like none other. It is coming HOME. Trust yourself, release your inner gifts, share them with the world and CELEBRATE the life you are.

Speak Your Truth. Whispering No Longer Serves You

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