Finding Your Place of Peace

Life! It is filled with constant chaos. Not only the external  noise around us but, the internal noise of our minds. How then do we find our place of peace?

My first experience with the concept of being overcome with a sense of peace was in 2004 in Assisi, Italy. As soon as I stepped foot in this quaint mountainside town I was overwhelmed with this peaceful sensation which enveloped me like a white cloud. I recognized it immediately and knew I would never forget it. And I never have. I carry the memory like a well worn coat with deep pockets of warmth and love. I wear my coat often breathing in the familiar scent of mountain air, wax burning candles and joy.

We all have a place of peace. If it is unfamiliar to you, then perhaps it is time to reacquaint yourself with this old friend. Can you find it in your home, in a book, your garden or a walk in the snow. Is it the bird singing with the rising sun. I can tell you that not everyone need travel to Assisi. Your center of peace is vital to your wellbeing and the health of your soul. Your place rejuvenates you in times of stress, chaos, or just the business of living and life.

Go there! Go there often. And BREATHE! Find and love yourself. Be STILL.  Nurture your soul.

Speak Your Truth. Whispering No Longer Serves You

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