Enter A Home With An Open Heart

“The Home is Where the Heart is.”

I do not know the origin or author of this saying but most everyone has spoken it at least once. For most, home begins with the place where we were born and raised. And that is where our heart is. Later, home becomes the place of our own choosing where we put down our own roots, alone, with a significant other raising children or not. Sometimes with our pets. We then create our own vision of home. And this is where the heart is and remains for most of our adult lives. And once we have completed the cycle of our lives, our soul returns HOME once again, to the place from where we began.

Through each home cycle of our lives we enter with an open heart, with all the possibilities of life and living before us. But, it is within these spaces that sometimes the heart suffers, hurts, is wounded. These disappointments, trials and tribulations become the battle scars of the heart.

Those scars inflicted in our home of origin carry with us into the home of our own choosing, and the scars accumulated there riddle the heart space with new hurts over old wounds. How then do we prepare for our journey home with an open heart?

The journey through life, living with an open heart, is not an easy feat but, can be accomplished. It is by LETTING GO. Letting go of the past and living fully in the present. Giving thanks for all those individuals and experiences that although may have been difficult, have made you into the person you are today. Everything that has occurred in your life has taught you some important aspect of yourself, whether you wanted or were ready to acknowledge it, or not. These experiences through your relationships with others have allowed you to BECOME the beautiful soul you are. LET GO, be present and enter your home with an open heart. Choose the path of compassion and love. Your home IS your heart.

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