The Friendships That Nuture Your Soul

“Surround Yourself With People Who Make You Hungry For Life, Touch Your Heart, And Nourish Your Soul.”  Unknown

Life, heart and soul. All the qualities of  truly wonderful friendships. Here is a list of further qualities and defining words: Non-judgemental, accepting, loving, encouraging, genuine, trusting, respectful, forgiving, supportive, dependable. Jealousy, competitiveness, betrayal, and gossip have no place in healthy and loving friendships. Loving friendships share an energy that is life-giving and open to receiving. It is in the mutual giving and receiving that unions become bonded.

Pondering on my own friendships, makes me warm and happy, a smile fills my soul and engulfs my heart. These are the people who allow me to be myself,  accept me for who I am and what I truly value, even if these values do not resonate with their own. We have mighty conversations filled with laughter, love and yes, even disagreements. Sometimes we yell defending our opinions or the yells echo with laughter. However the conversations flow, at the end of the day we ACCEPT, each other, and everyone’s own views of the world. We leave each others company looking forward to the next time we will meet, sharing, caring, genuinely loving for all they have brought into our world.

We are able to have the conversations because we have built loving trustful relationships and our conversations and opinions remain confidential between just us, our friends. We do not give advice unless asked.  We do not assume to have all the answers. We value that each knows how to steer their own ship navigating the rough seas of life. Friendships then, are like life preservers that surround friends, keeping them afloat with non- judgemental  love and compassion.

Friendships that nurture your soul are sometimes hard to find but, I believe you attract what you give. Bring all these wonderful qualities to your friendships. Give the qualities you wish to receive. Bring all of yourself and share. Say goodbye to the ones that don’t nourish who you are and give gratitude, for you have learned what nourishing relationships are not.  I am so grateful for my loving FRIENDS. Ensure your friends know you too are grateful.

Speak Your Truth. Whispering No Longer Serves You

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