Tending Your Garden

“A garden must combine the poetic and be mysterious with a feeling of serenity and joy.”   Luis Baragan, Mexican Architect.

Today, as I ventured outside to begin the process of cleaning the yard and garden, I noticed that underneath all the dead and dried foliage new growth and life was peeking out from under the ground. Spring and the hope of all things new. And as I worked to remove the dead leaves and plants listening to the song birds returning from their winter trek, I too felt a sense of renewal, a breath of fresh air , the serenity of a new garden emerging from the loving earth and warm sunshine. A reflection of my own creation and the creation of something larger than myself.

How does the garden of your soul grow? Is there a neglected corner that cries out for more sunshine? Are there parts that are scorched by the heat and need water. Maybe there is a section that requires food and nourishment. Or are there parts that are growing just right with the perfect balance of sunlight, food and water. Are those the parts that in some way receive just  little bit more love and care or even prayer. Is your garden overgrown one plant blending into another, intertwined. If so, how do your recognize each individual plant in all its beauty and splendor, or distinguish between the floral aromas that overcome your senses.

Just as you tend your outside garden, so too must you tend your inside garden with the same love and compassion,,,,,,SOUL FOOD!  You are the gardener of your soul and you alone choose the architectural design, concept and structure. Our gardens, our souls. Inspirations designed by ourselves, nature and something divine. Tend your garden. Tend your Soul. GROW. RENEW. REJOICE. Spring is here.

Speak Your Truth. Whispering No Longer Serves You

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