Sweet Surrender

To some people, the word “surrendering” might mean giving up, relinquishing power, waving the white flag of defeat. To author Iris Kransnow, “surrender” means just the opposite—It means surrendering to who you truly are, your most powerful, honest, soul-deep self.”

Sitting in my quiet space, the vision of the word SURRENDER kept passing before me and I have come to know and accept that these creative inspirations are from my soul,  guiding me to use my own gifts, one of which is writing.  At first pass by of this significant word, I shudder at all the negative and emotional connotations that come to mind.  Lets face it, War seems the primary theme and the act of giving oneself up to another or others.  A loss of the self. On deeper reflection of the self, so much more comes to light and once again the doors and windows open along with my eyes, thoughts and heart.

When I think of the self surrendering, I am overcome with the knowing that I trust and have faith in myself, my gifts, and path in life.  It is this deep knowing and trust that enables me to give up the masks that we all wear on a daily basis. The mask of parent, spouse, employee, daughter, son or whatever we must don in order to fulfill our life responsibilities and roles. And while we all must don our masks, do we wear them in order to cover our most sacred selves and who we truly are at the heart of our soul? Ask yourself if you are able to remove the mask and expose YOU, your gifts, your soul. Is it fear that holds you back, judgement, criticism, rejection. Can you remove all the makeup and still love who you see in the mirror? Are you the critic?

Surrender and your soul will sing. You will fit into your own skin and you will love the skin you are in! Surrender and expose your most beautiful self. Surrender and share your gifts. Surrender and love others as you love yourself. Open the heart space, breathe in the aroma of Sweet Surrender. It is a flower like non other for it is the flower of your soul. Hold up the white flag, your white flag that signifies to others all of who your are, and all you have to offer. YOU. Trust that the universe always has your back.

Speak Your Truth. Whispering No Longer Serves You

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