Looking, Seeing

It’s not what you look at that matters. It’s what you see.- Henry David Thoreau

If one thing can be said that contains many elements of the truth, it is everyone views the world differently.  And, if two people were looking at exactly the same thing, I can guarantee that each would describe their experience using different words, colors, and aromas with passion and determination. Just as two taste pallets define the same menu, describing the different spices each recognizes.  Can we as a human race ever find hope of a common view and how important is a common view anyway. How is it that we become so caught up in our own views and stories that we are unable or unwilling to see or hear the story of another.

We set out on a  search in life to find people and places that provide for us commonality. Finding commonality gives us a sense that yes, someone else views the world the same. A sense that all is right in our view of the world. Yes, I see that tree the same as you. Yes, I agree that person is who you say he/she is, and yes, I agree with your politics of the times. And the list goes on in our search for like-minded, like- seeing individuals and groups.

But,,,,,,,what if. What if just once you surrounded yourself with individuals who look and see the world differently. Would you feel lost, out of place, threatened, defensive, fearful?  Might you spend all your energy trying to bring them around to your own way of looking and seeing. I have a belief that if there is no harm being done to the self or others, then where actually is the harm. I am aware that sometimes people will complain of their eyes and ears hurting from a different perspective but, again ,this is not life threatening!

So, I challenge you to not get caught up in what you look at in life, but to attempt to truly see. Get to the heart and soul of the matter for these perspectives rarely require hearing plugs or sunglasses. Open your heart space to the story of another. See without, see within. And be assured that in all the different ways of looking and seeing, there too will lie the commonality, that each of us is a soul on a journey hoping, always hoping, that someone will, despite the differences, SEE them for who they are.

Speak Your Truth. Whispering No Longer Serves You

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