Synchronicity vs. The Perfect Storm

Synchronicity was a term originally created by Carl Jung to describe meaningful coincidences that occur in one’s life. We all experience synchronicity but, it is how we pause, reflect and give meaning to these life events that determine our experience. Not too long ago, myself and two friends were out walking alone and all came together meeting at the exact same time at the exact same street corner. Of course we began to chat as we had not run into one another in a very long time. What was powerful about this experience was that we all voiced the same theme in our topic of conversation. To do something meaningful for women in community.   Because of that synchronised meeting, together we continued to converse and meet and, one year later, realized our theme of that first meeting. I continue to be awestruck by the events the universe created for all of us to meet up at the same place, the same day at the same location. But, I am so full of gratitude that this synchronised event occurred. I think synchronicity is best described as the experience one has and the impact on one’s life, for it is the change that results because of it, that forever resonates in your soul.

On the flip side of life, just as you have yin and yang, two halves that together complete wholeness, joy and sorrow, day and night, fire and ice, there lies the perfect storm. The perfect storm is a rare combination of events or circumstances that result in the creation of an unusually bad or difficult situation. Once again, it is a coming together of people and or events, or in most cases a series of events, that forever alter your life, changing the direction and focus of your path. There are endless examples of perfect storms but know this, these storms are powerful crisis of life and living. We again may ask the question, how or why did the universe conspire to make this happen?

Just as synchronicity can bring joy, elation and happiness, the perfect storm brings pain, sorrow, a crushing of the heart space forcing the breath from our lungs. Like the waves of the storm, we can find ourselves and our soul being tossed about, drowning beneath the powerful, crushing push and pull of something beyond our control.  Although difficult to understand, we require both in our lives to create the balance we so desperately seek. Yin and yang. Synchronicity is like  plucking the star from the sky. The perfect storm, being hidden from the sun and all things life-giving. Happiness cannot live without sorrow. If so, how would we as humans be able to distinguish one from the other and the varying degrees of each experience. How then would we treasure the joys of life?

Knowing that every individual on this earth experiences opposites such as synchronicity and storms, imparts the commonality between us all. After the synchronised event or the perfect storm, the landscapes of our lives become forever changed. We learn to live life in different ways, in physical form, emotional mindsets and in spiritual solitude. And while it is easy for others to judge and comment on the journey of synchronicity or storm, only the one experiencing will ever know the truth of the journey. In the new landscape etched inside of ourselves we WILL find new hope. And together sharing our truth, stories and journeys we will inspire others to come out the other side, to find the strength to move forward with gratitude and GRACE. We give thanks for the uplifting events for they breathe new life and hope into the sorrows of life.

Speak Your Truth. Whispering No Longer Serves You

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