Declutter: Home, Heart and Soul

“A cluttered space equals a cluttered mind”.————Chinese Proverb

Clutter in any form has a negative impact on the energy of our environment, the energy of our heart space and our soul. Clutter left unchecked takes up physical, emotional and spiritual space often becoming a growing mountain consuming and engulfing energy better spent on mindful living. Not long ago we lived in the age of accumulation, the more the merrier. Happiness was dependant on our goods. Our borders expanded globally and the world became our marketplace. Some of us had better jobs with larger incomes, so the more we had the more we were encouraged to spend. The age of global  marketing hit us in a big way. Life was good,,,,,or so we thought. Along with all the accumulated goods came increased responsibility to manage it all. To dust, to wash, to clean, to make room, to pay, to store, to stress, to worry, to lay awake at night, to ruminate. And the list goes on with activities that filled our minds to maintain and manage the incessant stuff.

More recently, something inside of us shifted as we began to question the need, the constant yearning for all this stuff. For some it was a difficult shift. Some people said that they worked so hard for all their possessions. Others commented that all their wonderful memories were stored in their treasures, and still others became so caught up in constantly tripping over everything they could not imagine living any other way. When we are constantly surrounded and engulfed with things, there is little room in our hearts to care for self and others, the path of our journey is full of sticks and stones, and there is NO room to BREATHE .We start to suffocate. Living a minimalistic life does not mean having nothing at all. It just means living differently, living simply. Less IS more. It means purchasing what we need versus what we want or desire. All that glitters is not gold! It requires mindful conscious product selection begging the questions where does this come from, how was it manufactured, or was the treatment humane.

I will be the first to admit that at times I am overcome by my want versus need, but I also admit that I attempt to mindfully think about the products I purchase sometimes successfully, sometimes not. Continue to be mindful anyway. The shift WILL happen.  One thing I do know for sure is that since de-cluttering my home, heart and soul, I have more time and energy to devote to my gifts, my passion for meditation, photography, walking, quiet and stillness and more time being one with nature. By de-cluttering my home, a de-cluttered heart and soul have resulted. My memories are stored in my heart space. Everything I value most has become a part of my soul and therefore is a part of me. My relationships, my loves, my children and grandchildren, my pets and travel, my gifts. When these treasures are stored in our hearts and souls, nothing can take them away. No de-cluttering required.

Today, if your mountain is overwhelming remember to start small.  The journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step. Remove one item. One item that occupies space in your home. One item that tears at your heart. One item that starves your soul. Live without it in your life for just one week. See where this new adventure leads you. Be mindful of your feelings and thoughts.You may be pleasantly surprised. I know your heart and soul will grow. An enlightened person once told me,”you wake up each morning with all the energy you will need for that day. Use it wisely.”  Make room, create space for all you have to offer this world using the gifts of your soul.

One thought on “Declutter: Home, Heart and Soul

  1. aladec

    We just moved. After beginning to let some of the clutter go I think we made it half-way. Once you let the “stuff” go it soon becomes easy to forget about it. Personally speaking, I could live with 1/16th or less of our belongings. Also true, as you know and say for the cluttered mind. Then,”there’s the rub.”



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