Just For Today

Just for today, I will awake and open my eyes to the dawn light, thank God for this yet another day. I will listen to the song of the birds rising in the treetops outside my window and hum the joyful, hopeful sounds announcing a new day. I will take a deep breath filling my lungs with the presence of my home, familiar, comforting. I sit in stillness to meditate. Just for today. Stillness

Just for today, I will honor the energy within my body, taking in nourishment to feed my heart, mind and soul, walking in nature, quiet, and the busyness of life, mindful, helping others, joyful. I will speak less, listen more. Judge less, accept the imperfections with understanding. Ponder life’s blessings over the sweet aroma of my morning coffee. Laugh more at the unexpected and cry more at the realities of life. Just for today. Honor

Just for today, as I step into the warmth of the shower, I will focus on cleansing everything physical, emotional and spiritual. Water, so vital to our existence, deeply profound, spiritually significant . I will flow gently on the river current. Accepting, surrendering to the flow of life. Fear has no place in where it is that life takes me. Like the raft on the sea, I trust in the tides of moon and the stars above to lead me to where I am to be. Just for today. Trust

Just for today, I will look for new ways to love. Love myself, my imperfections, my gifts, others. I will choose to find ways to share my love knowing that at times on our journey love is not reciprocated, love hurts, love is unkind, love is unfair, love is misunderstood. I will try to set aside my ego for just one moment and simply, beautifully love. Sink deeply into my open heart space. Just for today. Love  

Just for today, I will be at peace. Peace in the knowing that a force greater than myself oversees my life and reveals the miracles within it . Peace because I am protected by the wings of angels wrapping me warmly, tenderly in their loving embrace. Peace because I am love, peace because I have been granted wonderful gifts. Peace because I know against all odds, I am here, with purpose, with vision, hearing, touch, smell and taste. Most profoundly, with intuition and trust, I am at peace with myself, my life story, my journey. Just for today. Peace

Just for today, I will acknowledge my soul, singing, whispering, caressing, loving, encouraging, kind, knowing, encompassing, all of me. I am my soul. My soul is me.  Just for today and always.

Just for today, I am me. Just for today, I am. Just for today, be. 

Speak Your Truth. Whispering No Longer Serves You

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