Roses Yellow and Red

Truths and roses have thorns about them. – Henry David Thoreau

Roses have been a time-honored tradition of giving and receiving for generations. They have stood the test of time in wedding bouquets, corsages, boutineers, and bunches of dozens in all colors and types. They are representative of the love we feel in our heart when presented to loved ones and those who hold special places in our lives. A single rose can hold the memories of a lifetime, the emotions of our tears, the spiritual significance held in our souls.

The fragrance of the rose in Islam represents the sacredness of people’s souls. It is a sign that God or Angels are sending a spiritual message to encourage people. In Christianity, the scent of roses indicates the presence of spiritual holiness, as some people report smelling the fragrance while praying or meditating. Roses are the symbol of the Virgin Mary, and the scent of roses is reported in miracles. In religion and spirituality ,all roses symbolize the work of God in the world. White depicts purity and holiness. Red, passion and sacrifice. Yellow, wisdom and joy. Pink portrays gratitude and peace. Purple, wonder, awe and a change for the better. When a rose blooms, its layers of petals reveal how spiritual wisdom unfolds in people’s lives.

The proverb, “Every rose has its thorn,” is a basic truth about humankind. Would you ever consider changing the rose or what it represents? Why then do we entertain the notion of changing people and hold the belief that we can in fact or should alter them in some way. No one is perfect. People, life and situations. In order to see the beauty in anything or anyone, we must acknowledge the flaws and imperfections that go along with it.  Most of us understand this concept quite clearly. Why then are we so wounded and taken aback by the prick or stab of the thorn? The thorn I believe, represents the painful awakening we all require at points in our lives. The pain that reminds us all of our imperfections in self and others. The reminder that in all things beautiful and perfect ,there is always another or alternate side. The side of us we attempt to keep hidden within the petals of the rose. I find it intriguing that as the rose begins to die and the petals fall to the ground, the thorns become exposed, nowhere to hide. The truth is, to fully appreciate the beauty and fragrance of the rose, we must accept the thorns for they to fulfill a life purpose.

I have beautiful memories of roses, yellow and red. My spouse gifting me yellow roses the day our daughter was born and red roses with the birth of our son. Yellow, wisdom and joy. Red, passion and sacrifice. On both of our children’s eighteenth birthdays, we presented them with roses, yellow and red and a hand written letter filled with the love and symbolism of the roses and how they, our children, enriched our lives in profound and spiritual ways. Roses, celebrating the milestones of life. Creating memories stored in the heart space and soul. With every passing fragrance a reminder of what once was and hopes for what may yet be.

Roses, the joys and sorrows of life. Take and accept them all. The petals wither and fall. The thorns remain. But, do not forget the beautiful scent of the rose. It is a scent like none other and is claimed to induce a sense of relaxation, relieving stress and anxiety. It’s scent resonating within our soul. Unlike our lives in an ever-changing world, the scent of a rose has remained constant over time. Just as the pain from the prick of the thorn. Accept them both. Beauty lies in the imperfections of life and roses. And within the layers of the petals lies the miracle, that we are all thorns blessed and adorned with beautiful rose petals that wrap and cradle our souls.

Speak Your Truth. Whispering No Longer Serves You

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