Summer and Light: Longer Days, Shorter Nights


Summer and light.

How I love the seemingly endless days. The dawn beckons, ray by ray, sun-filling light, long and warm. My eyes, consumed with the green and blue that fills our every summer space. The lakes and skies, the trees and grass. And specks of every possible color scattered across my visual field like clouds in the sky. The puzzle complete, the picture revealed. Floating, fleeting, coming and going, sprouting and blooming. The light of summer increases the taste in taste-buds, ice cream sensations are creamier and the berries merrier. Grilled asparagus, greener, crisper.

Oh, the snap and crunch of new grass between my toes.

Light, it lifts our moods. Sunbeams dwelling deep within the covering of our being. It warms my soul. Our thoughts become more optimistic and hopeful. The joys more joyful, hopes more hopeful. Positivity looms in every new leaf and flower, in every egg in every nest. Smiles broaden, eyes turned upward caught in an ever-widening dimpled grin. Glistening, sparkling, inviting you in to come and play in the summer light. Laughter echos louder, resonating on the playgrounds of life, skipping across the water, working hands lighter in the plantings of summer.

Oh light, dance within me.

Nights appear lighter, the blackness shadowed by the sun. The stars less twinkled. The moon bright in the leftover hue of the summer glow. The big dipper tilting back and forth across the night sky announcing the coming summer rains. The smell of dewdrops lingering ever so softly on the pillow-tops of clouds illuminated in the passing beams of moonlight. Open the windows, inhale the sweet night air and imprint the sounds of the crickets gently filling the night on the memories of my mind.

Oh night, my dreams are fleeting.


The new day comes. Fill me with loving light and warm my heart and soul. Inside out, outside in.Oh, the wonder of summer and light. Stay, for just awhile longer.

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