Bees and Their Importance to Life


Let me tell you about the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees.- Songwriter Herbert Newman

Bees. I have a passion for bees and in the photographs capturing them at work as they busy themselves in keeping our planet alive. They exist with definite purpose, pollinating our crops, producing the honey of life in return, providing energy to themselves and us, you and me. Bees sustain our food system on this planet we call earth and beautify our floral landscapes. Such tiny creatures with such a huge purpose. Visiting plants uninvited yet welcomed , working dawn to dusk, quietly buzzing, quietly busy.


The story at the hive has a different take on life. There, a frenzy of activity occurs not alone, but in groups, each dependant on the other in the order of the hive. It is an enclosed structure wherein the species thrive and raise their young. They exist successfully as social colonies, each individual bee knowing its place and role within the colony or society.

Bees. They allow you into their world, busy working away, to quietly observe, to watch the dance around the inside of the flower stamens. To fly among the flowers, heavy with pollen laden legs, brightly colored orange and all shades and hues of yellow. There are bumblebees that are able to carry the most pollen just by their sheer size, honeybees, leafcutters, miners and diggers, sweat-bees are small and mostly dark-colored. Worldwide there are approximately 25,000 known species of bees.


I love to watch the bees at work. It is one of my favorite mindful activities. Did you know that bees in Maui, Hawaii are large and black? Stunningly beautiful at work among the hyacinth bushes. They remind me to stay focused, work hard, smell the flowers, all types and colors. Time is short along with the seasons of plenty. Store your wares for when the seasons are not as plentiful or kind. Protect your young so they may thrive and grow surrounded by love. Teach them the requirements of life. Share the work among all members of your tribe/hive. Nurture. Thrive.

Bees. Becoming endangered. At risk of perishing. How many of us give thought to a creature so small and significant that is responsible for ensuring one-third of our crops survive to feed the world’s population. There are programs televised on the plight of bees, internet articles, books with all the current theories. One fact remains, the bees are disappearing and they have been compared to the canary in the mine, warning us of the looming danger should they disappear for good.

I have heard that people are paying attention, erecting bee hives in their yards and cities, and rooftops in urban areas. Pesticides that kill off bee populations are being replaced with ones that don’t. (Perhaps they just kill other things instead). And the disease that afflict the bees is being studied with renewed interest and vigor. All positive. Life affirming. Hopeful. I will continue to capture bees with my camera keeping me mindful and busy in attempts to save our bees. To remind me of the passion they possess for their role in life and service to human kind. Take time to observe these vital bees. Share your stories of the bee with children and people of every age. Let people know that the pollen on their legs is not orange peels, for it was that very comment from a few unknowing innocent people who sparked my own passion for bees. I hope you will develop and share your passion too. Just BEE.

Speak Your Truth. Whispering No Longer Serves You

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