The Singing Soul Blog Purpose and Goals

Hello to all my readers and followers on The Singing Soul, finding your song, living your purpose. I have been blogging weekly on the site since March of this year. What an amazing experience both blogging and belonging to the WordPress blogging community. I highly recommend this community to anyone considering blogging or for reading some of the most humorous, educational, and inspiring blogs penned by people worldwide.

WordPress offers ongoing support to its writers, and also free blogging courses to improve and inspire your creative processes. I recently completed the Blogging 101 course and am now engaged in Blogging 201. This blog is my first assignment, to make my readers aware of my goals in writing my blog and to demonstrate accountability. What a novel idea. We all require a little more accountability in our daily actions and deeds.

So, why did I begin to write this blog? Because I steadfastly believe we are all born with a purpose in life. I write to inspire readers to find that purpose through their life journey. By sharing my own life experiences and experiences with others, along with my education, dedication and passion to a spiritual path, I am able to bring light to the journey with creativity, joy and gratitude. I believe nature is a way of connecting us with ourselves. Nature speaks. In stillness and quiet we are able to hear. Is the life journey easy? Absolutely not!  But, it is a journey none the less and like riding the wave, it certainly has its ups and downs. That is life, full of adventure, lessons and hardships to help us grow and learn. Full of joy and love to keep us afloat through times of turmoil. We are not humans who have a soul, we are souls inhabiting a human body. Our journeys are as unique as our souls. We are here for a reason. Dare to discover it, dare to live it. Journey with me through my blog.

I invite my readers to comment on my blogs. What you found helpful. What speaks to you and makes your soul sing. I invite your stories about your own soul journey. My goal is to hear and share stories of soul journeys around the world. Together we can learn and grow, hopefully, by removing a few stones on our path making the journey a bit easier. We are all connected and through this blog that connection will become evident.  Have a wonderful day on your journey through life. I look forward to journeying with you.

2 thoughts on “The Singing Soul Blog Purpose and Goals

  1. Rambling Woods

    My first visit… this is a lovely post explaining your blog and I see from your “about” section that you are retired. Thank you for what you did to help patients with mental illness. That cause is close to my heart and my daughter is a psychologist who loves and needs her yoga and meditation time. My blog is mostly nature and has been around since 2007… Michelle



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