The Songs of Your Heart

“Music to the soul.” A phrase we have all spoken, heard or thought at least once in our lifetime. Music touches us deeply bringing back to mind memories, experiences, people, places and things. Music evokes deeply hidden emotions stored in the heart space reminding us of times shared, a time of youth, times of both happy and sad occasions. This music is played on the harp strings of our soul, resonating, echoing, notes of times past.

Music and healing  go hand in hand. Played in treatment centres, during holistic and spa procedures, yoga studios, music eases stress. To promote sleep, the are countless recordings of nature, oceans and rainfall. In most cultures, music, singing and chanting are part of healing rituals. Music improves our cardiovascular system lowering blood pressure, heart rate and distress. Music has the ability to reduce anxiety, evoke joy, bring to life memories hidden deep within.


Music played by the orchestra of nature is wondrous. “The hills are alive with the sound of music.” It has been suggested that nature may have been the foundation for music. Walking by a brook the melody is undeniable. The sound of rushing, gurgling water over rocks and stones echo in the space green and crisp. The snap of wood bark brown with mildew or the crunch of fallen leaves among the soft moss, green and moist. The woodpecker knocking loudly upon the tree, speckled black, red and white. Geese singing the sounds of fall. Acorns beating like drums gently on the earth floor. Sunshine wrapping in warmth, clouds overhead wispy, white, the forest canopy keeping the songs within. Peaceful. Songs of nature we recognize as they are a part of us. Pause and listen. Let your energy vibrate with the sounds of life.


Driving in my car, music is vital to camouflage the city sounds, the hustle and bustle, honking, screeching, sirens, the sounds of the realities of life. My playlist includes songs of my youth, the ones we still sing out loud when together with friends. The Bee Gees, Rolling Stones, The Monkeys and Beatles. How could I possibly leave out John Denver’s Annie’s Song, the song of our wedding. (Included at the end of this post for your listening enjoyment) There is the Christmas collection of Bing Crosby, Dean Martin and Nat King Cole, played every Christmas Eve and Christmas morning as our children awakened. Music announcing the traditions played out in our home. The relaxation music of the Chant Masters, Tibetan Singing Bowls, and Reiki Sound Healing. And new music of Adele, Pharrel Williams, and Bruno Mars to name a few. I cannot leave out Andrea Bocelli who sang to me through the hills of Italy and who has never left my heart space since.  New music making new memories. Old music stirring the heart stings playing gently on the soul.

The music of nature, of various artists and orchestras, evoke feelings, thoughts and emotions making us dance, sing, cry and laugh. Music lifts our spirits, eases our pains, floats our worries, deepens our breath, resonates in the synapses of our brain waves, relaxes. What a wonderful gift from the Universe created. Recognize when your soul sings with the songs that stir your heart. Dare to dance to the rhythm of your soul. Sing out loud.  It’s your time to sing the song of your soul. Create the playlist of your life.

Photography by Christine Wasnie, “Nature Speaks”

Annie’s Song by John Denver

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