What If

What If

You were never conceived in thought or spirit,

And I never felt you grow within.

Never held you in my arms, breathed the essence of your soul.

What If

I never held your hand,

felt your tiny fingers and toes.

And sheltered you in the warmth of my body,

close to my heart beating,

as you explored your world, crawling, walking, running through life.

What If

I never saw you struggle, wiped your tears, heard your laughter,

In the echo of my being.

And never built the foundation upon which you began your journey,

Always knowing one day you would choose your own path.

What If

I  never experienced your light shining brightly within,

radiating for all to see.

And told you your light comes from above

where God and the Angels

sing the Song of Your Soul.

What If I Never

What If

I thought of you long before you came to be.

And I knew you were to be present in this life,

A gift for this world to know and love.

What If

I held you and rocked you,

Sang and prayed and nurtured your life,

And taught you to love yourself and others,

be kind and true.

What If

You grew and became all you were meant to be,

and I loved you anyway,

even when life was stormy and gray,

And when you choose the hand of another,

I watched your heart beam like sunshine on a clear day

What If I Did

In my womb, I knew you.

Like sand and sea and sunshine,

I knew you then as I know you now.

And I love that you were meant to be.

My Child


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