Dreams, Going Home


“A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities.”     J.R.R. Tolkien

Dreaming, every night after every day as we fall into blissful sleep and rest.  We spend one-third of our lives sleeping. And while it is obvious sleep plays a vital role in our bodies development and growth, how often do we ponder the function of our dreams. Dreams that sometimes stay with us for days. Dreams we cannot remember but, float lightly in the far recesses of our minds. Dreams that scare us and cause us to breathe frantically, awakening suddenly. Dreams that are recurring giving a sense that something in our lives is about to change. Dreams that comfort us with visits from deceased loved ones. Dreams and dreaming and imprints on our thoughts while awake, conscious.

Dreams, the home of our souls. In this veiled and often misunderstood environment of dreams, our soul speaks to us. We are either a part of the dream experience or watching the events somehow, distanced a bit. Or peering from afar. We are active in the occurring events or sitting on the sidelines, watching, thinking, observing, reacting, quiet. Dreams bring messages, show us the way, singing to our unconscious mind. When dreams resonate profoundly, we share them with others, having long and short discussions with loved ones and friends. Bringing about the question of why. Why did I dream about that or about this person. Why! What does it all mean?

In every opportunity for quiet, stillness and solitude your soul will speak to you whether you are paying attention or not. Whether you believe this to be true or not. Whether you push away or brush away what you know or not, your soul will speak. Your soul will nudge you, tweak your emotions, tingle the nerve endings and lift the hairs on your arms and neck, causing you to pay attention to the dream, moment, feeling, person, event. Speaking to you ever so softly, or loudly with jolts of knowing, urging you on your true path, leading you home.

I once had a recurring dream over a period of a year and to this day I can still recount vividly the contents, places and people in that dream. I remember speaking about the dream often as it would build and continue on like a weekly soap opera on TV.  Always the same dream but, the story would change slightly each time I dreamt. I came to love the dream and would always ponder the changes that occurred within it, wondering where it was leading me. Today, eight years later, I know why the dream recurred, the reason for the story line and events, the significance of the imagery within the dream, the people and the changes. This dream was preparing me and showing me the way through significant and profound changes that were about to begin to impact my life. Once real changes began, the dream stopped, but, has stayed with me ever since. I am thankful for that recurring dream. My soul was speaking to me letting me know that my life journey was about to change, a change required to get me on the true path of my soul. Doing what I am meant to do, being in the relationships that are healthy, supportive and challenge me to grow, being who I am meant to be in this life, fulfilling my spiritual journey, playing out my karma, resolving.

Now, I pay more attention to my dreams, especially the ones that stay with me for a few days afterward. I have come to trust my soul singing to me in all unique ways, meditation, dreams, nature, intuition, prayer, stillness. Where the soul leads me is home. Always leading me home, preparing me for the journey, helping me find joy, fulfillment, love. Your soul is always speaking to you too. I would encourage you to find time to listen. Your soul is the greatest teacher you will ever know. Why else would you have the experience each and every night of your living life. See you in my dreams! It is there that the veil will be lifted so that I may truly come to know you.

Photography by Christine Wasnie, “Nature Speaks”

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