Shine Brightly


Each of us, from the time we are born, possess a light within that shines brightly. This inner light distinguishes us from others, makes us unique and definitely makes us special. I and many others call this light your soul. Our bodies are surrounded by an electromagnetic energy field filled with luminous rainbow colors flowing in and around us. It is called the aura and is as unique as the colors and energy it contains within it. Auras are a part of you, define you, energize you, reflect the changing circumstances of your life, work hard and vibrate to balance the energy within, can become depleted, can radiate healing and joy. Thus, the reason angels, the saints and God are depicted with halos shining brightly, depicting them in the image of holiness and light.

But, what about our holiness and light. Is radiating light only reserved for angels and saints. Where do we fit in the energy we all possess and how do we express our light and goodness. There are many circumstances presented to us in our lifetime to shine our inner light brightly. Ultimately, it is our choice to radiate that light, turn it down to dim, or shut it off completely, choosing to remain in the dark. For some individuals their batteries are so depleted there is literally no energy remaining to turn their light on. Others may have encountered energy vampires who drained their energy with continual drama and crisis. Still others give all their energy away helping others but, not taking time to replenish their own stores. Then there are the stories of those who hide their light, playing small out of fear of disapproval from others, jealousy and ridicule. If we cannot see and value our own light, it is very difficult for others to see us and it is especially difficult to see and acknowledge the light of others.

Our lives and the lives of everyone on this planet beg the question, what does your light mean to you? How do you shine your light in this life? Every person’s light deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated. Size and strength, halo or not makes no difference in the celebration or acknowledgement. Last week a young gentleman working for a company attended at my home to install a new technology product. We conversed about the product and installation, he was kind, knowledgeable, informative and attentive to detail. But, I could see his light beyond the job he was being paid to do. And so I asked him the question, “What do you love to do when you are not working?” It was then his light really began to shine. I discovered his passion for animals and comic books, his vast knowledge of comic book history, authors, movies, travels and the list goes on. His light shining ever more brightly as he discussed his passions and as he inquired about mine. What was simply to be a technology installation turned into a lively and interesting conversation that allowed me to experience how someone shines their light in this world expanding my own knowledge through his experiences. Just by being interested in the life of another and allowing them to shine their light, without judgement, jealousy, competitiveness, or ego. I learned a lot about comic books that afternoon, things I might never have known otherwise. More profoundly, I got to experience someone’s light shining for all to see, a light within each and every one of us if we take the time to ask, explore, discover, acknowledge.

If your own light is dimming and your energy feels depleted, there are many way to restore and renew. Walking in nature, meditation and stillness, prayer are some of the ways I have written about in my previous blogs. You might want to revisit my blogs titled “Silencing Your Song” in the March archives or “Your Gift” in the April archives.

Some techniques you may or may not be aware of are, Reiki, a spiritual energy healing technique which promotes deep relaxation and restoration of the energy contained in the major chakra centers of the body. Reflexology, a healing technique to relieve pain and energy blockages through the body. Yoga uses various postures to move energy throughout the body, focusing on breath and alignment. Massage moves tension and blockages through muscle and fascia tissues and Acupuncture which normalizes the flow of energy balancing energy pathways. Have you tried Tai Chi or Homeopathy. There are many ancient methods all of which move energy within the body to promote relaxation, healing and wellbeing. All of which help to re-energize so your true light can shine brightly for all to see and experience. Your light is the most important part of who you are and why you are here. You cannot take another’s, you cannot share another’s,  you cannot have another’s. You must find your own, strengthen it, keep your batteries full, embrace it. Most importantly, do not be afraid, lay down your fear. Your light is part of the greater light that envelopes our world. We all depend on it shining brightly, radiating love, warmth and joy. Your light may just be the lighthouse beacon guiding ships at sea to safety. How will you know unless you have the confidence to shine. Experiencing the light of another is a sacred wonder of this world. So please, do not dim the light within you for any reason. Your light serves a great purpose, the purpose of your soul. Honor your light, the light of others and shine brightly.

“See the light in others, and treat them as if that is all you see.”  Dr. Wayne Dyer

2 thoughts on “Shine Brightly

  1. Arlene Anderson

    I am so glad you gave me the websight. The picture of our Canadian Geese is beautiful. I will pass this one to friends of mine.



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