Welcome Christmas


Welcome Christmas. Stories have been written time again reflecting the lessons surrounding Christmas and it’s true meaning for those who celebrate the birth of Christ and for those who enjoy long told stories that warm their hearts and homes.  A Christmas Carol written by Charles Dickens, It’s A Wonderful Life, based on the short story “The Greatest Gift” by Philip Van Doren Stern, and of course The Grinch Who Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss are classics which depict lessons that share similar morals and values about goodness in life. They reveal  Christmases past, present and future in their telling, movies watched and stories told over and over, resonating deep within us as we feel the teardrops escaping from our hearts, renewing our vision once again in this Christmas Season. We celebrate the event of Christ’s birth passed on by storytellers, the sages, wise and chosen, keepers of the gift.

Christmas really isn’t about the presents, the food, tinsel and trees. This we know in the generational energy of our souls. The symbols that create the Christmases we have come to know, remain. The symbols that embed the mystery like some long forgotten secret code hidden within scrolls kept in earthen jars buried in dark caves. The Grinch was also depicted living in a cave in the north of town far removed from society, with a heart that was just a little bit too small.  Over time it is these symbols that have replaced Christmas, come to represent the mystery lost, the joy misplaced, repetition played out year after year. It is the story of The Grinch that reminds us of the treasures lost, symbols taken, the outcasts of our society, those who live on the edges of our communities with hearts too small, skin of different color, the isolated, the lonely, well, the different somehow. They represent the darkness taking away our light and goodness, stealing our  joy, our presents, our food, our traditions, our songs, our messages. That is what Christmas is about, after all! Isn’t it? But, who can really steal what is in one’s heart and soul. Can one steal love and kindness? Can one steal someone’s spirit or take Christmas away?

Without darkness we cannot see the light. Without sadness or despair there is no joy. Without anger and scorn there is no love. By not entering into the depths of Christmas and its true meaning, the gift remains unopened.  Can we stop Christmas from coming despite changing values and traditions. I think not. For even the Grinch was able to pause in his moment of misplaced seething and glee to answer the call of a small child arising in the night to ask for a drink of water. To hear the question of innocence spoken from her tiny lips, “WHY”. To observe the pondering mind of the Grinch twisting and turning, spewing out the untruths, the same ones we justify to ourselves everyday. But maybe, just maybe, Christmas does not come from a store. Perhaps it is a little bit more.

Christmas lives in the heart and souls of human kind. It is when we tear away the wrapping, tinsel and ribbon, that the true gift is revealed. It is in the squeals of joy and delight of children Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, in the kisses and hugs, in the north meets south, in the lights on the tree that illume the treasures hidden within, the hand of a mother on the belly of her daughter, connecting with the life about to enter this world, the gift of a new generation, the gift of life. The songs in our hearts, the love in our souls. The sharing and caring, the giving. The opening of the heart, the feeling in the soul, its magical and happens when darkness gives way to light. It is Christmas morning after night, the sun rising with hope of a new day.  It is the song we all long to sing at Christmas and throughout the year, the hope, the joy and the light of Christmas, and perhaps something just a little bit more. Even The Grinch, Mr. Scrooge and Henry Potter have a purpose. To remind us of the true meaning of Christmas, of goodness after all. Welcome Christmas. Welcome hope, love and joy. Welcome the miracle of Christmas.

Fah who for-aze!   Dah who dor-aze!

Welcome Christmas! Come this way.

Fah who for-aze! Dah who Dor-aze.

Welcome Christmas. Christmas Day!




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