Winning, The Game of Life

Sporting events are in many ways like the game of life consisting of two people, teams or groups, each being played against the other for the purpose of winning, fame, fortune, status and power. The trophy of winners depicted with crowns, belts, sashes, gold and jewels. Winners become elevated in social status and circles, egos flying high, bodies puffed up like peacocks, feathers grand and beautiful.  It entails a lot of people and circumstance to make a winner and sometimes it is just pure luck or perhaps fated dharma. The sporting arena consists of players, the audience or spectators, referees, media and broadcasters, cheerleaders, and financial backers, managers and coaches. Each play a vital role in winning, even in the game of life.

The players are really the pawns on a chessboard. Each passionate and skilled at their task and role within the game. Trained, usually from a young age to become the best in their chosen player position. Eating special diets served up by master chefs designed to sculpt bodies Olympus himself would be proud of. State of the art sports ware and equipment, learned focus and vision, sports psychologists teach mind control Mr. Spock would be proud of. Eat, train, focus, win.  The business of winning in the high stakes world we live in has become a business unto itself, with stats and play books to prove it.

Spectators pay big money for a seat at the table of sporting events. They provide the energy and funds required to keep the game and players motivated by cheers, applause, put downs and even waves. Spectators love a winning team and even more, the underdog. Of course, every spectator has an opinion of how the game could be played better, who should play and not, willing to bet a lot of money in the winners circle. Without spectators there would be no game, no energy, no drive. No arenas in which to play out the game of winning and losing.

Media and broadcasters play a very important role in game life. They take the game outside the venue and into the global arena. Now everyone on the planet is able to tune in and have an opinion and view on the matter. Broadcasters  ensure the game and its energy keeps playing out long after the game has ended. This way the game never dies. Every mistake is analyzed over and over. Replays, replays and more replays. This angle, that angle, how about over here. Its his/her fault, this one made a great play, this one did not. He/she should be fired, benched, scapegoated, humiliated. Because at the end of the game, everyone except the player knows better. Everyone not directly involved in the game.

As you have probably guessed by now, I am making the comparison of sporting events to the events that occur in our lives both positive and challenging. Competition is a big part of it and engrained in our every day living. But, why must we carry the game of winning and losing into our relationships with others. There  appears to be a deep seated desire to choose sides, be on the winning team, in the dramas beings played out in our relationships. Friends against friends, family members against family members, coworkers against coworkers, and the list goes on. Everyone wants to win no matter the cost to the relationship. The stakes are high, dishonesty, dishonor, disrespect, disharmony,the dis list is long. And what about the loser.

So, when there is a game being played out in your life, ask yourself what role are you playing. If you are not an actual player in the game, how do you fuel the energy for the game to continue on. Are you a spectator applauding and cheering and investing in the winning team? Are you a cheerleader standing on the sidelines but not really involved in the game itself? Or maybe you are a broadcaster, energizing the game to anyone who will listen, especially to your own point of view. In every game of life there are two sides, two teams, two stories. It is the players who actually know the game, its rules, it’s strengths and weaknesses. Its history, trials and tribulations, successes. The inside story. If you are a spectator, cheerleader, broadcaster or even a referee, you do not. In the game of life there will always be winners and losers, but, I ask you consider this question the next time you decide to fuel the energy of the game.  At what cost?  How low will your soul go to win the game?


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