Life at the Beach

  Ahhh, the beach, ocean waves and wind. Cladly dressed, in suits of brightly coloured watermelon and birds, stripes and patterns bold, bodies soak in the sun across the sand, skin moist and dewy, oiled and tanned, coconut scents carried along ocean mists gently blowing. Sea birds bellow announcing their return, bellies full as they soar high above, white against the cobalt sky. People young and old, children and babies, calm, busy building sand castles with pails and shovels, searching for coral washed upon the shores by the push and pull of the tides. Worries left behind in distant home lands, replaced by smiles and laughter, found among the dunes of dusty gold. Faces smooth, wrinkles vanish to times past, worry and stress free, turning upward toward the gazing hot sun. Sailboats pass by, parallel to the sandy shores, bobbing above and into the song of the waves. 

Body shapes of all sizes graze this beautiful space, it matters not floating upon the salted waves, buoyant and free. Skin natural, imperfections forgiven and unseen, hair blowing freely, tresses undone. Judgement reserves no space among the joyous and grateful. Waves deafen the sounds of disapating criticism and opinion, replaced instead with the breath rhythms of the sea. The winds carry away our cares, our purpose shared, the space sacred, a gift given. Water azure crashes upon the rocks of molten lava, brown, black and green with sea. The pause between the crashing waves, as the pause between our spoken words, are where the miracle of stillness and peace lie. Within the pause, buried deep, is the connection, of ourselves to this earth, our being to our calling, our purpose, life. This pause can be felt in the blowing winds, reflection and beauty in what lies in front of us in the here and now, in presence. The beach. The gift of ease in mind, body and spirit. The reason we long for the presence of nature, land, sea and sky, earth, wind, fire and water. The power created , the powerlessness that stirs inside. The wonder in this miracle of life. 

Palm trees dance gently, umbrellas, beach towels and chairs, grass mats and cover ups of every color blinding and vivid on the landscape of soft crushed coral and rock. Children along with mothers and fathers and grandparents, lie upon surfboards encouraging their offspring to ride the waves of adventure and fun. Easing fear by example, nudging along the unknown adventures hidden deep in their hearts and souls. Trust, follow me, I will catch you if you fall. Risk, take the chance. Dare, try, experience. The world awaits like the pull and power of ocean tides, beckoning. Ride the wave of life. Sun hats resting gently upon bleached heads auburn and gold, white in the sun. Curls and braids, buns and bobs, blowing free. Free for once, in this brief time, a wonderland upon the beach. A world set apart. A place we call the beach. 

Speak Your Truth. Whispering No Longer Serves You

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