Be Invisible Be Yourself


Lahaina, Maui

Traveling to places where I know no one and no one knows me, is exhilarating. Kind of like donning an invisibility cloak, just like Harry Potter. I have to admit I have always found magic fascinating and I confess, being invisible on my vacations, is wonderful and adventurous. The feeling of moving about the planet where no one knows you, no one cares to know you, and the realization that no one gives a damn, is to say the least, freeing. To describe the feeling of being one in 7.5 billion people and not being recognizable, just some face in a crowd, is perplexing. But, I do know this. It is when I can be myself, my true self. It can be described as walking naked, fully exposed in my own truth. I am able to act as myself, laugh out loud, say what I please, dance and sing, even yodel, whatever, however, whenever, the ever list is long, and no one cares. I am invisible, my true self shining, exposed, living and breathing, fully.

It is no secret that I choose vacation spots where I can don my invisibility cloak. A friend once asked me why invisibility was so important to me. It was only then that I began to really ponder this importance in my life, a hidden aspect of myself. Invisibility allows me to be me, my spirit, my soul, which seems humerous when you really think about the concept. Invisible yet, fully exposed! In order to expose our true selves, we must first rid ourselves of fear. Fear of judgement, criticism, quilt and worry. Invisibility allows us to lay down our egos. There is no show we need to put on, no competition, no distractions, no roles we are required to play, no explanations. No second guessing, no regrets, no falsehood. No anything! It is simply allowing yourself to live in the present moment, experience, enjoying life and living, each and every second of each and every millisecond, of life.

So, I ponder why it is I am unable to don my invisibility cloak in the presence of others. Why can we not be our true selves every part of each and every day? What stops us? It is simply our egos and our fears. The stories we have written about ourselves, the ones we recite when together with others, people we know. We constantly judge ourselves and others, whether we are aware of it or not. Constant comparison, ongoing ego feeding. This is the very reason I so cherish invisibility. Because stripped away from my ego, I just am. Me, myself and I. And I have to admit, I even love myself a little bit more because there is only me to give and receive that love.

I have discovered that like everyone else on this planet, I am worth loving and living my truth. In my invisibility cloak I am no less or no more than you. As I reflect on the beautiful Hawaiian vistas and sunsets, rainbows, sea and mountains of twisted lava, I am filled with gratitude and am in awe of our beautiful planet. I am grateful for the opportunity to experience a less ego filled life, even briefly. I will wrap my invisibility cloak closer around me and acknowledge that I have come to know myself, my spirit, my soul. Me. To be free is to be me, ego hidden from view. To fully expose the soul of my being. A time to sing my own song and revel in the mystery of life.


Lahaina, Maui

Photography by Christine Wasnie, “Nature speaks”

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