While You Lay Sleeping, I Shine

As you lay sleeping, in your slumberland of daze, eyes wide shut, fluttering, softly. Sweeping across the wide expanse of your dreams, carried away to far off lands, people and utterances, whispers, float on rivers and clouds tucked gently beneath pupils unseen. I shine.

As you lay sleeping, beautiful in your stillness, breathing softly, waves of desire wash over your unconscious thoughts, drifting dreams of colours and black and white. Sounds hushing, pulling, pushing, you follow, led by silver and gold strands of thread, woven by stories untrue. I shine.

As you lay sleeping in drunken love, haste and thoughts rush madly. Moving on and upwards into the abyss of lonely promises and unknown paths, a familiar bird sings. The notes resonate as butterfly monarchs and orange flit before you, teasing the truth from beneath, dreams and lies unfold. It is then that. I shine. 

For as you sleep, the stars appear in skies dark and hidden and wondering splendor of light black and tears. In the ebony and stillness of the night while you sleep, I come forth with all the universal energy untold, unknown, passed by. Clouds may drift over me, the moon outshine me, the planets beside me, and still. I shine.

I shone before you knew me, I shone brightly while my energy gave birth to your new light. I am the energy remaining when I depart to rejoin the essence of the stars. Awake now. See me shine. Know that I was brought forth to be, shining while you sleep. Awake. Come into the night and see my light. I am shining still.

This gathering of thoughts formed into words is written in celebration of my 1 year anniversary writing The Singing Soul. Life is a beautiful journey and in that journey, when we live our truth, we shine. Thank you to all my readers who read, follow, like and comment on my blog. Travelling with me on this journey makes the adventure all the more worthwhile. 🙏     

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