The Element of Air and Wind Chimes

This past weekend set the tone for my thoughts, the wind moving through like whispers and chilled air. Spring has yet to arrive in my small part of the world. I watch as the summer birds flock and huddle at my feeders, hungry for spring and the warm winds that will bring about the arrival of hope, renewal and yes, food to nourish the hatching of eggs and chicks. I too am hungry for renewal, green landscapes, fresh leaves, the opening of windows which sing the song of birds. Fresh clean air entering stagnant homes, whisking away winter and late forgotten Spring.

Air is the element of mind and thought. Air brings forth ideas, fresh perspectives, new ways of thinking, creative motion and clarity. Air changes the climate and moves our seasons. Unseen, but felt, it is a powerful force, untamed. Wind can move the leaves upon trees, the air tickling the green with movement heard in the rustling and whoosh, back and forth, bending. Air is expressed through the wind chimes that dangle from the trees in perfect unison with branches dancing to and fro. Wind chimes calm our minds with tones that resonate in our heart space creating healing, giving pause to the moment, bringing us into presence. The sounds of wind chimes depend on the strength of the air moving through the flutes made of bamboo, metal, shells and stones. Turbulent songs ring forth approaching change. Stillness, times of calm and peace. Gentle harmonic tones, the ebb and flow of daily life. Easy on the soul. Serene as the thoughts that blow through our minds.

Vocal chords which give rise to our voice are the wind chimes gifted to us. Air passes through our vocal chords causing them to vibrate. Our voice can whisper, vary in strength and tone, be loud and angry, yell and scream. Our voice can resonate notes of love with softness and sweet caress. Our voice can speak lies and truth. Our voice can destroy or heal. Our voice can be silenced with secrets. Our voice is our own and yet, can be used to create powerful change and goodness in our world. Our voice, our  wind chimes, able to produce the most beautiful of sounds, words and song. Our words can soothe a baby, hushing a cry, easing pain in the heart and soul. The air we breathe in and exhale through our voice is either warmed within but the love that dwells or is expelled cold as ice carried by winds touched by frozen glaciers and arctic oceans.

The sound of your voice is as unique as the fingerprint on your hand. The tone of your voice is imprinted on the people in your life. Your words are written on the very being of  your interactions with others and how you are received and loved. Your truth gives rise to a voice that is the wind chimes in your garden. The chimes do not fight the winds of change. Rather they accept what is offered and flow with the air that passes through, in silence, in notes sweet and calm, in forceful back and forth, but always in unison with what is. Through the seasons of life wind chimes sing, always. Whether your window is open or closed, voice soft or harsh, determines the sounds you will hear. Give rise to the element of air passing through your life.  May your wind chimes sing the song of your soul.



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