Morning Meditations and the Mundane


Sitting in stillness I hear The Divine speaking, clearing my thoughts so I may listen to what awaits me. My spirit invites direction and purpose to my living, reconnecting with the source of all things. I sit and I breathe and I wait, and then, the morning bird song enters and stirs the presence within.  I am here in this moment, the audience seated to the performance of life. The purr of the kitchen fridge a reminder of the background noise of daily living, the hum of my mind, active and ongoing. And the morning bird sings, beautiful in the repetition of the song that fills my heart, beautiful in the return of Spring. A blue jay flies overhead screeching its harsh trumpet, an affront to my ears. It too brings a message of interruption that attempts to draw attention away from the songbird. I am grateful they are fleeting notes amid the symphony. The songbird still sings. A car drives by, not fast or slow but, rather midbeat with tires turning on pavement scratching, a percussion of drums playing. I hear the songbird once more in the tree outside my window. Squirrels come into range and the crescendo begins. Fearful and warning the escalating chatter is too much ado and drowns out the beauty notes of nature. The soprano is off key. Drawn in by the noisy chatter which matters not but, required still, I am reminded of the high pitched fearful prattle of people verbally sparring, shackles raised, territorial. The squirrels move on or perhaps give up the quarrel for now. Tomorrow is another day. The blue jay returns overhead. A lonely crow caws. As stillness returns amid all that has transpired, the songbird sings. The softness on my heart, the ease in my soul, the sound of my God and the purpose of this morning meditation amid the mundane of life. Be still and hear.   

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