Through the Lens of The Soul

The Singing Soul

Throughout her life, she would often pick up a paint brush, colored pastels, or redecorate her home with colors of every shade, pillows and blankets, craving to create in one way or another. Rearranging furniture in the late hours of the night once the children were asleep, nurtured the need for change and newness in her life. With little time and meeting the needs of every other person, her career, family, friends, community, creativity was left on the back-burner simmering away. But, deep down, creativity was the calling of her soul. The story already written, the path previously chosen, waiting, just waiting in the wings to burst forth like tulips in Spring.

This is the story of most people born on this earth. Our own gifts and our true calling pushed away in order to fulfill the needs of others. The Universe is patient and creates something called divine timing…

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