Women Supporting Women

I recently attended an event held at the Human Rights Museum in Winnipeg, Canada, celebrating Women in Business. An event held to inspire women to dare themselves, have the courage and belief in themselves to follow their dreams. To do so with generosity, kindness, and compassion, cornerstones of Eastern philosophy seeping into our Western way of living and being. The event also honored and recognized women from Winnipeg who achieved their dream of opening a business, family women who started small juggling the demands of children and home and rising to accomplish their vision for a better way of living for others. One womans dream began in her 20’s, another in her 40’s and still another realized her dream in her 80’s. Inspiring to say the least.

On my drive home I began to ponder the question, “Do women support women in their dreams and successes in life?” And sadly, upon pondering I have to admit that I have not seen much evidence of this vital trait in women. I wonder, is it because women do not know how to support each other, or does envy and jealousy get in the way. Women possess the ability to mentor, support, educate, inspire, encourage, role model. Few share their talents and gifts perhaps secretly not wanting others to succeed for fear of failure within themselves, low self-esteem and green envy. We view other women as the competition. Where do these thoughts come from?  She’s smarter, prettier, richer. The list of comparisons is endless.

Women can support women in the workplace, community, neighborhood, family, in any required situation. We did not accomplish the feats to get where we are today in isolation. We fought together for the right to vote, to have a voice in society and be heard and valued. It has taken generations and is ongoing in many countries today. The power of women coming together is astounding. The ability to lay down the swords of envy and rise above, to problem solve difficult and challenging circumstance together, to see the goodness in others, to really see the light shining in their eyes as they discuss their dreams. This is the essence of women, to launch stars into the sky.

It begins with a simple question posed to another woman, “How can I be helpful?” Being helpful may just involve listening to another’s story or challenges without judgement. It may entail becoming a mentor if you have the expertise to do so. It may simply require an encouraging statement of “Go for it, be brave, you can do this, breathe, believe in yourself and your dreams. It may require a non boastful story of your own courageous success and what it took to get there. Most women instinctively know how to nurture others. There are numerous ways to be supportive and encouraging. Remember that as you support, you are a role model for that very behavior in the one you are supporting and the others that may be watching. Hence, the domino effect for generations to come. Don’t you just love talking to women and encouraging them to follow their dreams. Seeing the twinkle in their eyes, the smile on their face, the confidence of their spirit. It really lifts my soul. Try it for yourself.


11 thoughts on “Women Supporting Women

      1. Christine Wasnie Post author

        Thank you Sandy. I would love to attend or give a seminar on this topic. It is so needed in today’s society. Have a great day and thanks for your feedback. So nice!


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