Rewrite, Redo, Relive

It is necessary for all of us to rewrite our life story from time to time. Thank heavens for the lessons we learn to encourage change, the rewrite. We are the authors of our own books, each chapter within it, the characters we enact. While you cannot erase that which is already written, you always have the gift of pen, ink and paper, imagination and dreams. When the story is not going in the direction of your choosing, or someone attempts to rip out your pages or edit your story, if characters need to be written out and new ones written in, or you are to pause and climb a mountain or white rapid the river, you have the power to do so. Be courageous enough to believe the rewrite is worth the effort.

There are numerous examples of when rewrites are required. Separation and divorce, job loss, empty nesting, illness, retirement,marriage, death, moves, overcoming addictions. Any life event that throws the course of your life askew requiring change, by choice or divine intervention. Whatever the circumstance, a rewrite becomes necessary in order to move forward and continue on in life and living. How courageous and brave are you to try writing something new into your life. Perhaps something you have never thought of or tried before. Something you always told yourself, Oh no, I can’t  do that. That self-doubt is the fear that sits on your shoulder, the weight of doubt that keeps you stuck, writers block. The story you tell yourself that if you have never done it up to now, you never will, it’s too late to try.

I write this blog to inspire you with the message it is never too late for a rewrite, a redo, a relive. Start small. Change your hairstyle or color. Start walking, take a class, explore your community or neighboring cities. Try a new recipe or restaurant, a culture different from your own. Visit a library. The list is endless. Start small, baby steps. And when doubt arrives on your doorstep, keep asking yourself this one question, What is the worse that can happen if I simply just try?

I speak from experience as someone who has walked paths of hardship and life losses, life lessons. Haven’t we all if life is lived long enough. But it is how we rewrite our story that determines the path of the journey. How resilient are you, how brave are you, how self-confident are you, how determined are you, how deeply do you believe in your self, your faith, your intuition, your soul. You are here for a reason, so don’t let life circumstance knock you down. Grieve, definitely, take time to nurture yourself. Use the time to ponder the rewrite and then when you feel your strength and energy has returned, redo and relive. I cannot wait to read the rewrite of your life. Imagine your life if fear were not present.

P.S. Most of us rewrite our lives more than once. It’s OK. You will eventually get it write!


9 thoughts on “Rewrite, Redo, Relive

  1. Sandy Arnason

    Life is constantly changing, we must adapt and change too. What a great way to say it ‘rewrite’. Good for you Christine, I enjoyed this one too.

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  2. Lyn

    So love this one, I have done a rewrite many times over! This is my favourite so far, because it is the truth. Change is inevitable, therefore so are rewrites! Thanks Chris!

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