Beauty Nourishes The Soul


IMG_4588Beauty. What is beauty? We incorporate the word in our everyday, the way in which we view people, places and things. Beauty in the face of another, their physical makeup, the put together package they represent, perfect beautiful symmetry. The art work produced by great masters of times past and present. The natural surroundings of our land, perfect in their imperfect gathering upon the earth, sea and sky. Together combined in a feast for our devouring eyes. Everyday things such as clothes displayed on runways, furniture featured in magazines and jewelry sparkling in shop windows. Beauty in the makeup that covers our imperfections revealing hidden secrets not underneath but rather, in the mask we display as tokens of acceptance in our beautiful world. Beauty both true and false. Beauty none the less.

Inanimate objects hold their beauty over time. The works of Renoir, Monet and Di Vinci are displayed in art museums and palaces of glory. The jewels of Cartier, De Givenchy and Strauss remain precious as the stones contained within the pieces draped upon necks and wrists of the elite. Unchanged. The furniture of Chippendale, Eames and Maccarone, priceless in their beauty where wood grain has been rubbed raw and locks worn thin, legs etched divinely with patterns stained dark and ebony brown. Beauty of the past defining beautiful styles and colors and patterns reworked into objects that adorn our surroundings today. Each person able to create beauty in their own right, by the uniqueness of their eyes and experience. Beauty speaks to everyone.


Nature in all its glorious splendor is beautiful. You cannot deny the mountain vista its echo, the forest its greenery, the lakes wet waves of cool water. And yet, if you were to separate each piece within the natural landscape, the cloud, the mountain, the tree, the wave, you would see that each is an imperfect piece. But, when combined, produces perfect beauty and harmony. There is no singular leaf, blade of grass, piece of sand which alone, depicts perfection. It is the gathering imperfections that paint the canvas we define as beauty. Close your eyes for a moment and picture perfect landscapes and vistas. How mundane would life be to never know the unexpected and surprise of life. Even the Mona Lisa has revealed her imperfections. I have captured her beauty with my own eyes.

More and more as a human species upon this earth, we crave beauty in perfection. In the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the hair we style, the face we paint, the products we buy, the persona we present. If it is not perfect, then it somehow lacks beauty. The apple with a bruise is tossed, the person with a prosthetic limb, devalued, the face that was given in the miracle of birth, scorned, looked down upon, judged. The gender defined as abnormal, the culture misunderstood, the skin color not quite right or should I say white. I can say with all honesty, that this type of beautiful perfection is a beauty that does not nourish our soul, but rather, feeds the beauty of the ego.

The beauty that nourishes the soul is beauty in all its imperfection and yet, is still recognized and valued as beautiful. And as I sit here outside on this warm summer day writing this blog, a pair of yellow finches visit my feeders for the first time this season. They too are imperfect and yet they bring bright yellow color and song which feeds my soul. Can we see the beauty in the imperfections that surround us each and every day? Can we recognize that the imperfect is indeed perfect? Only if we are willing to lift the veil that cloaks the window to our souls and see beyond, see beneath, see within and discard the without. It is here the soul is nourished with the beauty of everything that is divine, everything that is you, everything that is them. Adorn your outer world if you must but, see the beauty in the strength of the individual living in a refugee tent, the person with the disability who laughs with sheer glee at the innocence of life. See beauty in the wrinkles adorning the hands of your elders. See beauty in the bees that contribute to the food you eat and in the butterfly orange, yellow and black. See the beauty within yourself when you cover the mirrors of your ego. See others as you see yourself, by the definition of your soul. Choose to see beauty everywhere, in everything and in everyone.



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