Repeating Life Themes

I am writing this blog to ask you to ponder your life story, for just a short while. Perhaps the pondering mind will linger awhile giving rise to further contemplation and “ah ha”moments in the present and in times to come.  Our life consists of repeating themes, people, relationships, arguments and conflicts, ideas, thoughts, places. These themes occur time and time again to teach us lessons we are required to learn about ourselves, lessons that enlighten and give meaning to our purpose. Lessons are difficult and often complex, somewhat like a mathematics puzzle. The answers are never clear. They require deep thought over days, weeks, months and yes, sometimes years. Challenging to say the least but, worth the effort we put into ourselves to solve these complex dilemmas.

Repeating life themes start early in life and are what I like to call “little nudges” the first time around. There is a tiny stirring in the soul that alerts you something is a little off, something is completely right or some emotion bubbles lightly to the top. Emotions like fear, anger, jealousy or your spidey senses begin to tingle causing the hair on the back of your neck to stand up. The first time around the lesson doesn’t usually cause too much havoc in our lives and we choose to carry on without giving much thought to the event. The lesson presented to learn, we choose to ignore. The second time around the nudge is a bit firmer, the lesson a bit more shall we say “in your face”. Now you either realize that there is a lesson to be learned here and change something about yourself or circumstance, or you once again choose to ignore the lesson and carry on with living. I am here to tell you that in life, the lesson will continue to present itself, each time becoming more intense until you are unable to do anything else but confront it head on. The lessons repeat and repeat until we pay attention, get the lesson right and make the necessary changes in ourselves to become the people we were brought to this earth to be.

Repeating life lessons teach us beautiful aspects of ourselves. Like the beauty of a rose bud opening to life, we long to be the petals of the rose bringing beauty to our life and living. We long to know ourselves through knowing others, our relationships. People will continually come into our lives with similar issues, triggering similar patterns of behaviors within ourselves, teachers of the lessons. Some examples may be a person who continually ends up in abusive relationships, be they physical, emotional or spiritual. The lesson, low self-esteem gives rise to unhealthy relationships. The person who is constantly giving of themselves, giving away their money, time, resources, energy and who receives nothing in return. The lesson, equal relationships of giving and receiving are healthy relationships. The person who lives their life pretending to be something they are not, unhappy, anxious, unfulfilled. The lesson, love yourself enough to be who you are.  Life will continually bring you lessons of challenge until you get it right. And oh, what a feeling that is. Now I did not say that there is only one life lesson for us to learn. That is the case for some. For others there are many. Lessons teach us what we came here to learn, about ourselves, others and life. Even our pets teach us lessons along with nature and the environment. The everyday miracles are signs we are on the right path. They are the star at the top of the page when we finally get it right and are able to move on and dance a little.

Repeating life lessons are everyone’s experience. Some learn sooner, some later but, we will all learn in Divine timing. And in between the lessons are times to just live in the moment with the people we love and cherish. To simply just love. We cannot be learning all the time. Our brains and souls require time to integrate the lessons we have learned and choose new paths and adventures. My wish is for all of us to share openly the lessons we have learned along the way instead of focusing on the words failures, blame and fault. The commonality we all share is life lessons. Honor yours and honor others. If we only knew the life lessons others were learning along the way, the way we view humanity would certainly change, for the better I think. Love and be grateful for the lessons you have come to learn.


14 thoughts on “Repeating Life Themes

  1. iamalightworker

    I totally relate to this. It describes my whole life. I’ve spent my first 27 years “fighting” with the same lesson that was so obvious (it wasn’t back then lol). I’ve got so many nudged, painful ones that came with each and single relationship that I had. The second that I’ve learnt it, I have been awakened and soul-happy! God bless you for writing this❀️

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