How Many Ways Can We Love


Love begins at the beginning, birth. At the moment we enter this world, we seek love in the form of our needs, food, shelter, warmth, security, belonging, nurture. Our parents give back through the innate desire to create, to care for, to nourish, to love and be loved. To be love itself. New life created. In each act of a caregiver, parent, significant soul, how we were shown love as an infant and child, determines the ways in which we can love throughout our lifetime. Learning to love begins at birth.

The voice of wisdom emanating from within, somewhere deep inside, feathers the cheeks of our children, softly. We speak our words lovingly, faces smiling, at times stern with the lessons of life, but always with gentle caress and care. Knowing from the deep recesses within us, guide us to protect and nurture, care for, love. For it is in our children that we see ourselves, the everything not provided in life times past, yearning to be given in the here and now. We are called to give love even in our darkest moments, through our deepest fears, our own unmet needs. We are able to show love in so many ways, for love is what we are called to give even when we are unable to find the energy, too tired to cope another hour of the day. We can see past the fear, the inability to control and be out of control. We can create calm in the chaos of the storm. We can simply stop and breathe. We can redefine the moment with patience and understanding. We can choose to rethink everything once known and believed to be true. We can love enough to say this is not right and find a better way. We can choose to love in so many ways.

Love is found in the words we speak, the touch of our hands, our eyes that see beyond the picture painted before us, in our minds that know, in our hearts that feel. Love fuels the energy in the cells that make up our bodies housing our soul. Love really is the language understood by every being upon this earth. Speaking the language of love is not complex, each of us able to express it at the most basic level of communication, a smile, a touch, a tear. Love comes without a price tag, a return address, an expiry date. Love just simply, is. Love is the powerful energy contained within us, around us, above us, below us. As we sleep, wake, doze or meditate, it is there quiet and still, waiting and growing. Love is contained in each in breath and out breath. In the flower that blooms and dies.

The ways in which we love may have begun with the way in which we were loved, but it can transform with the ways in which we love ourselves. Loving ourselves despite the lessons we have been taught in early life, to believe so divinely that we deserve and are love, is the gift of the Universe, free for all, free for the taking. The ways in which we love ourselves are the ways in which we are able to love others. If you believe that you are deserving of love, then you will believe that others are also deserving of your love. Love does not live in a box tied up in a bow. Love is boundless, free, floating among the ethers all around us. Today, in this moment, what are the ways you will choose to show your love, to yourself and others. I choose to believe that I am worthy of this divine grace and I share it with you in the energy of this blog. When we choose to love, we are love. We all long to show love each and everyday. How could we not. It is the reason we are brought forth to this earth. Choose to speak the language of your soul and you will understand the language spoken by every person upon this earth. Love the way you love. 


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