Your Path Always Leads You Home

Born to this earth, we arrive with a clear path back home. Our blueprint, star map, book of destiny or whatever you call your life purpose is imprinted upon your soul when you are born. We come knowing who we are, where we are to go, the lessons we must learn and teach and more importantly, where we came from. It truly is a miracle of life. Just as the butterfly who arrives as an egg, transformation occurs in the cocooning, breaking free and flying. Cycles of life are in everything living thing upon the planet. We are no different. There is a master plan.

We are fortunate enough to be born to parents who will nurture and care for us to maturity. We cannot survive alone in the state of babyhood. We are dependant on others for our survival. Loved ones that surround us as we grow have the best of intentions  and expectations. But, it is these very expectations that can lead us off course from the blueprint of our lives. Parents may play out their own unmet need through the lives of their children. If you believe sports were good for you, then they must be good for your children. If you always wanted to be a doctor but never achieved that dream, then perhaps you believe your daughter should have that opportunity. If you are an artist then all your children must too be creative in some way. Usually, parents and caregivers are not aware they are creating their own blueprint or map for their child. Awakened parents allow their children to be butterflies and fly. Awakened parents realize their own life path cannot be the life path of their children and instead encourage them to follow their own book of knowing.

Growing up wanting to please everyone else and their expectations of us, accepting how others define us, leaves us lost. We walk through life directionless, something always pulling and tugging at our soul to put us on our path. And then there comes a moment, like the sun breaking through the clouds, when we are crawling in and out of our skin, eager to shed the facaud of who we have become. We burst forth like the butterfly from the cocoon spreading our wings and finally flying free to become, do and live our life purpose. In doing so and following our own course we know instinctively that this is the path that will lead us home, back to the beginning of who we came to be. The knowing is what sets us free to be.

Life is complicated and full of mystery. Why do we not just live out our purpose from the beginning. Why are there struggles, suffering and joy. Why is so hard to find ourselves amid the chaos of life. The answers to the mystery of life lie inside of you. I do know that life is a great adventure of your own making and that everything happens for a reason in divine timing. Your beliefs and ideas are your own. The secret lies in hearing your own voice, following your own wisdom, the balance of give and take, love. Love is the path that most assuredly will lead you home. Are you on your own path. If not, how will you ever find your way back home?

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