Step On Every Stone

Life as we know it is a journey, an important concept of this blog. You may think of it as a long path through the wilderness, large cities, small villages , mountainous regions and plains. There are many branches to this life path, similar to the branches of a tree but, instead these branches all lead to the same destination. Life path branches, no matter which ones you choose, all lead you to the same place, home.

There are paths made of concrete but, concrete cracks, lifts and crumbles. There at paths made of wood but, even wood rots, has splinters, contracts and expands. There are paths made of sand shifting with the rising and lowering tides. There are paths made of earth composed of stones large and small, jagged and smooth. The paths of life are made of many materials each teaching specific life lessons along the way. Travelling these paths on a well-lit sunny day eases the journey. Travelling at night in the dark, difficult and challenging. Sometimes scary.

We are able to realize and understand that travelling upon the sea comes with risk. Smooth sailing easy and gentle while storms toss the boat about much like a piece of macaroni in a boiling pot of water. We accept this risk as we book our cruises from every port of the world aboard ships that carry 3000 people or more. Flying in the air, the same risk, high above the clouds and problems of yesterday. Driving in our vehicles also comes with risk each and every day. We take risks all the time usually without a second thought because the risk gets us somewhere we deem worthwhile. So why should the path of life be any different?

When we arrive here on this earth, we are carried and supported until lift off and we are able to walk on our own. Bumps and bruises, cuts and scrapes quickly follow as a natural part of learning and growing. In a short number of years, we are old enough to begin our own journey in life, choosing our paths and the excitement of adventure.  But, somewhere in between learning to become mobile on our own and venturing out on our life path, an important lesson is lost. The lesson, pain is a part of life. You cannot avoid it, you should not step around it, you should not pretend it does not exist, you should not stuff it down into the basement of your being. You should step upon every stone on your path, feel the pain, acknowledge the pain, cry out the pain, learn the lesson the pain has brought and continue to move forward upon the path. Wiser for having incorporated the lessons onto your soul.

The more you try to step over the little stones both jagged and smooth, the larger they become. Eventually you run into the boulders of life, no going around, through or over. At some unknown point on your journey, you will be forced to confront the boulders with overwhelming pain and frustration. Moving the boulder alone, impossible, requiring many helping supportive hands and minds. Just as children learn by trial and error and yes even stepping on stones with their bare little feet, we too must risk stepping upon the stones on our life path. Stones, splinters, and cracks are simply the lessons we must learn to avoid the boulders, rot and earthquakes. You know, the big lessons. 

I do not know why our paths are not made of gold, silver and myrrh. The path smooth as glass and marble. I only know that you cannot avoid pain. It is apart of life. Dealing with the all the small lessons along the way is so much easier than having your life obstructed by boulders. So, take off your shoes and become grounded to the earth. Expect and know that each path you choose along the way will be teaching you the lessons of pain. Greet it. Deal with it. Learn from it. Do not tuck it deep down inside of yourself. Speak about it. Breathe through it. You are not alone. No one on this earth is free from the lessons of pain.

7 thoughts on “Step On Every Stone

  1. satinka

    I agree with your questionings about why life can often be difficult and unpleasant. It seems that our souls wanted to experience just what we are experiencing. A soul apparently needs a body to have human experiences. Gosh, what was I thinking!?!

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  2. abreakintheday

    As someone wrestling with the notion that I’m too face down in emotions, I appreciated what you wrote. I’ve learned that in order to grown and learn I must allow myself to embrace the pain and hurt, otherwise those lessons were for naught. It often feels as though I’m drowning, but I’m determined to rise as a better and stronger person.

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