Who Do You Talk To?

Who do you talk to all day long, in the quiet of the night and in the arguments back and forth within your soul? In the choices you make a hundred times a day. In the yes and no, you should or you shouldn’t, you can’t, you won’t, I will and I can. In your calm voice, your stubborn stance, your loving words or your will to overpower, control and win. Who do you talk to all day long and what do they say back to you, advising you, guiding you, leading you, pushing you, encouraging or controlling. Do they tell you the story of their own life and path and ask you to walk their way or are you encouraged to set off on you own path, empowered and free? Who do you talk to all day long and in the quiet of the night? Do you trust your own voice within, the knowing of your soul or do you rely on the voices of the past, guilt and shame? Do you recognize who you are talking to all day long, in the quiet of the night and in the arguments back and forth within your soul?

Who do you feel closest to as you share your deepest secrets be they dark or light? Can you whisper softly in their ear or speak out loud with faith they will hold your treasures within locked chests? Do you give away the key to your heart with expectations and the words, “Don’t tell anyone.” Do your secrets keep you both bound and tied causing worry, pain and discomfort? If you are the keeper of the secret do you feel special and powerful?  Have you pondered giving up the chest and the key and the ties that bind you? Whose burden lays around your neck and heart and more so, your soul?

Who holds your hand as you explore the shadows tucked deep into the basement of your being where your fears are as big as demons under your bed and faces in the closet? Who shines light onto your soul revealing goodness and love that resides within allowing you to accept your shadow as part of yourself? Who understands with compassion and empathy rather than accusations and blame? Who makes you feel whole and worthwhile and loved for who you are and not what you should be? Who wrapped you with their wings when life was full of struggles and sorrow and lifted you so you could continue on your journey? Who leant you their wings so you could fly and view the world from new perspectives away from the rules and norms established long ago?

Who recognized you from birth as someone here for a reason and purpose. Who saw you through your own eyes and loved you, encouraged you to be. Who allowed you to write your own story, the book of you. Do you realize the only thing you had no power in choosing was your name. The one thing that defines you for the entirety of your life. Who would you be without your name? How then would you be recognizable to the world?

The who is you. Yes, you. You talk to yourself all day long, in the quiet of the night and in the arguments back and forth within your soul. You cage your secrets, fears and shadow deep within the basement of your being. If you trust and love yourself you are able to bring forth into the light all your doubts, your shame and guilt. You are able to reassure yourself that you are not alone, that many before you have had the same or similar struggles and pain. You know instinctively that your reason for being outweighs all else. You recognize the sound of your own voice and the tone which either soothes or chastises. Your self-confidence and faith allow you to rise up and fly, face your demons head on and be accountable for your life, your path, your journey. You are guided by your source to all living things, your faith and your soul purpose.

What do you say to yourself all day long, in the quiet of the night and in the back and forth within your soul? Perhaps this requires a time of quiet contemplation. Be still and know the language of your soul. Recognize, trust and love the sound of your own voice for within it is the echo of your purpose. Have the courage to speak your own truth for it will set you free. And in your freedom you will speak to yourself words of love, the love you deserved all along. 

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Speak Your Truth. Whispering No Longer Serves You

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