Blogging or Truth Telling

Blog. What is a blog exactly? Well, according to Wikipedia, “a blog is a discussion or informal website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (“posts”).” As I read numerous blogs written by individuals from every part of our globe and listen to interviews of people who discuss their blogging experience, I have come to ask the question, are we blogging or truth-telling? Or is there a fine line between the two?

As the definition describes, diary-style suggests writing about people, places and things held close to our heart. The difference is that our diaries are no longer hidden between the sheets and mattresses of our beds or tucked away at the top and back of our closets. The places where light never reaches and spiders and dust mites thrive. In today’s world we write and discuss our truths with sheer abandonment and share them with the Universe. There are blogging etiquette rules but, other than that, we are all free to write our own truth on matters such as food, spirituality, world travel, daily quips and quotes, poems and art. Whatever you wish or desire to share. Which blogs you choose to read is entirely your business.

The truth of who you are as a blogger can be found within the spaces between the words of the blog. Pictures and quotes help bring the messages to light, providing the reader with wonderful imagery and transporting you to places never seen or experienced in real life. And all from the view of the writer. Blogs are written primarily in short form, between 500- 1000 words. Others in long form, all by everyday people. In just about every blog there is a story that the writer is proud of, thinks is important for others to know and see, is really a very special part of them and their life experiences. Their imagination brought forth in creative displays written in words translated into languages everyone can understand.

Blogging is writing, showing and speaking your own truth about the world as you see it. Not worrying whether others will find it interesting, will read you, or like your blog. Just like writing in a diary, it exposes your secrets, relationships, loves, sorrows, experiences, pain and joy. Your desires and hopes, fears. Blogging is cathartic, healthy, freeing. Writing is a technique every therapist suggests for their clients to bring the message outside of themselves where it is easier to confront and discuss. They call it journaling. Perhaps now therapists will consider blogging as a form of therapy.

Whatever the reason we blog, there is no doubt in my mind the experience is worth the journey of the self and soul. Be it through your recipes, paintings, stories of fiction with elements of the truth hidden within the pages, your pets or your travels, the truth of who you are is on the screen. It is blogged without judgement, harshness, non compassion or gossip. Blogging is a shared expression of your truth with everyone in the world. I am thankful for this wonderful medium of self-expression. Our truth is coming to light in the most unexpected and refreshing ways. The time is ripe for truth and transparency in our world. The time is now. Blog your truth through your eyes and ears and knowing, one hand upon your soul, the other upon your keyboard. I am blessed to be part of this global community and to be able to read your truth. 

9 thoughts on “Blogging or Truth Telling

  1. satinka

    I’m feeling my way through a dark night of the soul. Blogging keeps me sane and connected to the rest of the world. Thanks for your precious work, Christine! My cousin in Selkirk told me about your awesome blog.

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