A Time of Transition

We are currently in a time of awakening, transition and truth. We, as a collective consciousness, are connected through our energy exchanges, our thoughts and our actions. We can no longer deny the reality of what we think, feel or do, does not affect others, our environment, our world. To continue to do so would be living a fairy tale of a lie. The burying of ones head in the sand, so the saying goes. Turning a blind eye. Every person I have interacted with over the last five or so years has gone through, is going through, or beginning to go through some huge life change. A change I believe, to awaken people to their true purpose and calling of their soul.

Whatever the reason we have chosen to stay stuck in the past, we have been unable to see the truth. The truth of ourselves, others. Not only seeing the truth but, accepting it as well, preferring instead to believe the fairy tale so many of us longed and yearned for, reached for, believing the fairy tales we read as children were somehow the reality of life. The fairy tale is over, exposed for the falsehood it represented, the story it told. With every reality and awakening comes a time of shock, grief and sadness. A longing for the fairy tale because sometimes the realities of life are too difficult to bear.

Many of the fairy tales we believed such as growing up, getting married and having children, living happily ever after in fact, are no longer the realities of this lifetime. A lifetime free of illness and suffering also not true given that every person on the planet is aware of at least one person afflicted with Cancer and other diseases. The untruths told for generations about mental illness and the individuals and families that struggle each day to overcome and cope. The fantasy that all women and men are heterosexual. The fairy tale of our religious beliefs that separate us instead of bringing us together. The truths we kept hidden such us abuse, power and control so that others could view our lives as the fairy tale itself. Fairy tales are fantasies. Realities are truths. And yet, how many of us still strive for the fairy tale? Cry over the realities of life.

We are in a time where reality is brought into the light. Each of us challenged to close the book on fairy tales and begin reading the book of truth or to begin to write your own book of truth. We are asked to dig our heads out of the sand, take off our rose-colored glasses and to mature to the realities of life. To be accountable for our thoughts, feeling and actions on a global scale. To cast aside judgements and opinions and to reflect on our own lives and the way in which our old beliefs have kept the fairy tales alive and well. The story books on the best seller lists for years.

Yes, the realities of life are at times difficult to bear, more so if you are striving to hold on to the stories that no longer have purpose in today’s world.  The pieces of the puzzle that have held together the picture for so long, is now coming apart. It is this time of transition and unknowing that causes us fear. To hold tighter onto what we have known, even if it is a fairy tale. Accept the fact that this is indeed a time of transition for us all. We are being called to see the realities of life and to greet them with faith and courage so we can change the world for a better tomorrow. The change begins within each one of us. To rise up to the realities of life. The Universe is vast beyond our comprehension. The Universe inside each one of us just as vast. Connecting with your soul is the first step in your story. The reality of who you are, why you are here and what you have to offer this world is so much better than the fairy tale someone else has written for you.  Transition to the truth of you.


10 thoughts on “A Time of Transition

  1. Wendy

    So true and so well said! This is what I explain to my clients who are awakening xo can I share this to my wall please? When is your book coming out Christine? You talk to people’s souls xo

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    1. Christine Wasnie Post author

      Thank you Wendy. You may certainly share on your wall. I am honoured. My book is in the process of editing and will hopefully be published December or early in the New Year. I will let you know when it is available.❤️


  2. satinka

    Hi Christine, Wow, do I ever resonate with this blog! If you like Carl Jung, perhaps you have heard about his “Red Book” and also associated readings. A prof named Lance Owens gave some inspiring talks. Prof Owens is a prof that really got into the mind of Jung, in my opinion. Check out gnosis dot org / redbook if you are interested (take out the dot, the forward slashes, and the spaces.) Enjoy!

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  3. that little voice

    Thank you Christine for your thoughtful blog. Transitions are difficult for most of us, acknowledging them, accepting them, implementing them. That’s the reason we have folks like you to guide us through those crooked turns.

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