Open The Door


Doors, they open and they close. They keep in and they keep out. They are locked and unlocked. They have keys and secret codes. Doors are a source of mystery and great wonder to observers on the other side. Doors have two sides, an exterior and an interior. They can look the same or there may be sharp contrasts between the two. There are doors that open to homes, gardens, every building and structure. Without doors we could not gain access or entry into the places and spaces we desire to explore and come to know.

Throughout our day, opening and closing doors is part of our routine and practice. Try to recall how many doors you open and close each day. As we prepare to enter through a private door, a formal knocking may be required prior to admittance. In public places, entry is granted at certain hours. The keys to our own doors are often limited, shared by few, trusted and private, well thought out. Those with whom we share our keys are trusted with our sacred spaces, to care for, love and hold dear the beautiful experiences that lie behind our sacred doors. If you share these experiences with others who are not permitted entry or give free access to those who in the past or present are denied, you too will be asked to return the keys, the doors closed upon you. Having a key to someones door, their home and private space is like having a key to ones heart and soul. Keys are treasures that unlock private and sacred spaces.

Some doors are kept locked all the time, every hour of the day. Others, only at night and a dwindling few never locked at all. I can remember a time not that long ago, when we never locked our own doors. Now, we lock them all the time. In various parts of the world, doors are always open simply because they have none, instead a colorful sheet in place of a solid door. Some sheets tattered and worn. No keys required here. Doors can define rooms and separate spaces. Spaces for sleeping, eating, bathing and recreation. Doors define spaces we lay claim to, sometimes share, sometimes not. Doors require a loud knock, a melodious ring, an echoing hello. We require announcing. We require departing. Our presence must be acknowledged by those inside the door.

Every door we open is the beginning of new journey. The door to a new home, new job, new theatre, new country. A new nursery, a new hospital room, a new book. A door familiar bringing comfort and nostalgia. Each time we open the door to our soul, our purpose is revealed. Birth is a doorway. So too is death. We are able to choose our doors for the most part. Life can at times slam doors closed, right in our face, when we least expect. When we are most vulnerable. Another door will most assuredly open. You must have the courage to walk through, for this door may in fact be the one leading you to the true purpose of why you are here. Perhaps it is the one made of tattered cloth, perhaps the one with gilded gold or aged oak worn smooth by the hands that have entered many times before.  How will you know unless you have the courage to fling open the door and peak inside, walk through.

Be brave enough to open your door and share your sacred space, the truth of you. Be courageous to walk invited by your Divine source through the doors put before you on your path. Be compassionate enough to help others open their doors when they are too weak or frightened to turn the handle. You may be required to stop and visit for a while before carrying on with your own journey. Open doors where you can dance, the music encouraging you to tap your toes as you walk by. Open doors where you can meditate and pray, breathing in the calm as you float by. Open doors that encourage you to express your gifts. They are painted, quilted, photographed and written on. Open doors that lead you to find yourself. They are the ones with big signs bearing your name. Open the door that leads you home. Your soul is inside.

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