Soul Seeds

Seeds are resilient, stubborn and steadfast. Seeds fly through the air, drop hundreds of feet to the ground, thump and are tossed about by storms, rain and snow. Seeds strive to survive, to find fertile ground to establish their roots, sprout and grow. Think of the dandelion whose seeds are designed like angel feathers to fly, yet so stubborn in their desire to thrive, they are difficult to remove. Pulling and tugging only serve to make their roots systems stronger and deeper. Imagine an oasis in the desert, green and lush surrounded on all sides by arid dunes of sand. The life force of the desert, water, bringing lush, cool green plants to life amid nothingness, scorching heat and dehydrating sun. Many seeds lie dormant for years simply waiting for the perfect conditions to grow. These seeds eventually spring forth with new life. There is no doubt about it. When they do, we notice their presence simply because they have been absent for so long. Soul seeds are no different from the seeds brought forth in nature. Soul seeds are your life purpose.

Soul seeds arrive with you and are planted there by your Divine source. Soul seeds are your purpose in life, a purpose shared by every living thing on the planet, specific to each individual and their journey. Some people sprout their seeds early , others later on and still others lie dormant for years waiting for just the right life conditions and divine timing to occur, possibly Divine intervention.  The seed awakens ready to fulfill its purpose, aware of what that purpose is and the ingredients required to nurture it to full potential and growth. Your garden, the garden of your soul has been seeded prior to your arrival. Some will grow flowers, others vegetables. Together with like minded souls, some seeds will plant and harvest crops. Joint ventures with a common goal to feed the world. Some will be the oasis in the desert providing rest and respite to those who are parched, nourishing their soul seeds. Once refreshed and stronger, able to carry on to once again seek their own soul purpose. There are individuals who will struggle to find fertile ground to establish their roots, to grow and thrive. Sometimes to just survive amid the chaos of life. Their soul seeds teach us many lessons. Compassion.

The will to survive, thrive and grow is the life force within each of us, every living thing. It is the spirit of life. The spirit that fuels our soul seeds. The spirit that beckons us to grow to our full potential. To become who we are meant to be. Our spirit longs to plant the seeds of our soul so that we are all contributers to this garden we call earth. However it is that your seed thrives, be it on the floor of the rain forest, the cactus in the desert, a rose in the garden, the wheat in the field, the grapes on the vine for the wine, you are here for a reason. You cannot be what the other is. Your seed is unique and is known to you. Plant it and be happy with what you are here to grow. Be resilient in the face of hardship and struggle. Nurture your seeds and bring them to life. And if you do nothing else in this lifetime, share the gift of your seeds with others. Grow your soul seeds, the purpose of your life. You were not brought here to lie dormant upon the earth for the entirety of your life. Your soul seed is the gift this world is waiting for.  


Politics aside, I cannot help but write about the resilience within Hillary Clinton. She represents an individual passionate about fulfilling her calling, her soul purpose. She is an example of one who has experinced many ups and down but, through her resilience, faith and hope, rises up to greet each new day. Her soul seed has never been dormant and I am thankful we have women such as Hillary who continue to provide inspiration and courage in the face of hardship, disappointment and adversity. She is definitely a soul with purpose. She is a woman who speaks her truth with dignity and fights for the equal rights of all human beings. Never underestimate the power of a planted seed. 

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