Sacred Spaces

Sacred spaces, monasteries and temples have been created and made holy world-wide. They encompass  places perceived to hold divine power, mystery and protection. They are spaces where individuals assert a connection with the Divine, a place which vibrates with the energy of the heavens, profound in its representation constructed here on earth. In some spaces claimed sacred, miraculous events have occurred upon the site. In others, animals are symbolic as messengers. The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, a sacred place of pilgrimage. Hagia Sophia in Turkey, one of the oldest and most influential places of worship in the world. In different cultures, sacred spaces suggest the presence of deities and communication with the Divine. Sacred spaces are said to contain Divine power and can transform human life depending on culture, religious and spiritual beliefs.

Sacred spaces come with a set of rules and guidelines for behaviors, boundaries and expectations when in the presence of holiness. Rituals are enacted, prayers offered, food prepared, hushed tones, bare feet, humility and grace. Each culture recognizes the expectations and adheres to the norms when in the setting of their sacred site. Each individual praying to be touched by their Divine Source, to find enlightenment, to atone for their misgivings in life. To live life more fully in the expectations of their culture and beliefs. There is a commonality among all sacred spaces across the globe. To identify with the Divine here in earth. Not all sacred spaces are religious sites located across the globe. Sacred spaces are also held in our souls, in our homes and in our relationships with others. These spaces also contain Divine power, mystery and protection. They too require sacred boundaries, love and respect.

Your home is a sacred site. It is where you house your most precious loved ones providing shelter, nourishment and love. Where you enact time honored traditions. Where you teach your religious or spiritual beliefs, your views on life and living. How to make your way in the world of today. In your home, you come together every day awakening to the challenges and joys, the expectations and the unexpected. The sacred spaces held between mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, brothers and sisters, partners and spouses. Sacred spaces begin at home. The ways in which we teach our children to love, respect and honor themselves and others. The ways in which we build and establish healthy relationships, believe that we are all Divine beings worthy of love and respect for our differences. Our homes and families are the first foundations for establishing trust and safety, establishing healthy boundaries, expressing love, building healthy self-esteem. These are the sacred foundations of home and family. Our home is the first sacred temple in our lives.

Our souls are perhaps the most sacred spaces of all. We need not travel far, for within our human shells we are all souls with Divine purpose. Each of us able to access our sacred place every hour of the day and night. It is here, in this space which encompasses all of us, we connect. We connect with our calling, our beliefs, our views and perspectives, ourselves. It is in the soul space where we hear the voice of the Divine speak to us, encouraging us to follow our life path, to live with empathy and compassion, an open heart. To rise up and speak out against cruelty, abuse, betrayal and injustice. To demand honesty and love in our homes and relationships with others. Our souls are sacred ground touched by our Divine Source, seeded with everything required for our journey here on earth. The ways in which we honor and respect the sacred spaces we visit, the sacred sites, monasteries and temples, are the same ways we are called to honor our souls. Connect with your soul in quiet contemplation, in prayer, in nature. Connect and honor the sacred space within. It is the place where miracles really do happen.





3 thoughts on “Sacred Spaces

  1. Lyn

    I love Friday, when I get home from work, have a cup of tea, and read your beautiful blog. This one touched me, Thank You Christine, you are a beautiful friend and I treasure your friendship!

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