The Push to Conform

You have been molded to behave according to familiar and socially acceptable standards of behavior and being. Both men and women regardless of color, culture or sexual orientation. The molds are defined at birth shaped by our family patterns and  expectations. Women lose touch with their feminine divinity in the process. Men take their place among the more powerful, more intelligent, leaders and shapers of our societies. In unique and creative ways, women are awakening to their divine feminine, reconnecting with their purpose and path, finding their truth and speaking out loud. Doing so against the push to conform to expectations of dutiful daughter, obedient wife, powerless divine being, accepting a male definition of God. Awakening not by stepping on others and our male counterparts but rather, with a deep inner knowing that we are worthy of equality in all our interactions and experiences.

My first questioning began in my own family of origin. Eldest female defined my role as caregiver, helper, babysitter, peacekeeper. My second questioning began in my religious community where men are allowed to preach, oversee and make decisions. Where women are viewed as less than, denied the right to equality within leadership roles and children scared into believing hell is a reality for most of them. A religious community thriving by definitions of a male dominated God who has no value for women or recognizes their divine feminine souls. Cast into roles of cooking, cleaning and teaching, remaining quiet and whispering. My third questioning occurred in the workplace. I found no equality there as well. Family, workplace and religious community. Not a trace of equality to be found. From my earliest memories I could see the injustice of inequality among men and women. It has not been until my own awakening later in life that I choose to speak out against it and expose it for what it truly is. I arrived at a place of educated understanding and came to terms with my deep dislike for injustice. How there is ongoing attempts to rub out our divine feminine power, divine power we use for good in this world. Attempts to keep us in our place in a male dominated society. Attempts by women who hold fast in the belief that they are less than men and who discredit the wisdom of awakened women.

Most women are aware that we are no less or more than men. Do men have the same awareness? Each of us possess strengths, gifts and inner knowing. Each of us contributors to the good of humankind. Each of us powerful within our own right. Each of us able to speak our own truth, define our own roles, do what is right for us on our journey and life path. Women have the right for choice without guilt, struggle and stress to conform to traditional roles and expectations. Women are very tired of hearing the words, “Be Quiet.” I think we like to fool ourselves into believing how far we have come. Our religious communities continue to support ancient doctrines where men are superior and women subservient. Our education systems and the studies conducted indicate continued selection of males over females. Our workplaces unequal environments where women are expected to take on male qualities to gain access to top corporate positions. Our homes and families, well, I will let you be the judge of that. Gender roles and expectations are often subconscious, hidden deep down where we sometimes not dare go or question. This is how roles and expectations remain unchanged over generations. It is precisely because we refuse to address these issues within our own families. To break the molds that no longer resonate in today’s world.

The issues of changing roles for women have been evolving for a very long time and yet, in my opinion, major changes have not occurred. Many of us still try so hard to fit in with the expected, growing weary and unfulfilled. Many still lack the courage to break molds. I believe the change begins inside each and every  woman and young girl. When men begin to see with their heart instead of their head. When we are able to cast aside our guilt and reclaim our divine feminine power. When we believe we are worthy and deserving of a life of equality. The right to follow the calling of our life purpose and what we know to be true for ourselves, what is written on our soul. So, my message to all women is please don’t be quiet. Speak your truth. The time is now. You are a divine being with beautiful feminine energy. Your energy vibrates equally among all of humanity. You are the starring role in your own life. You are the star among every other star in the Universe. Together we light up the night sky. Together as equals we create a better world.

5 thoughts on “The Push to Conform

  1. aladec

    Nice essay. Untangling the reason that we have primarily evolved binary sexual reproduction on this planet is like trying to rectify a unification of the theory of Quantum Mechanics with the Theory of Relativity. It must somehow go back to the “Big Bang” itself. No pun intended. One of the solutions to the problem, that rarely happens, is that most people accept the inevitable urge to reproduce without doing it first and foremost with a true Soul- Mate.

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  2. Laura

    I appreciated your post. I am a practicing Christian, and I try to relay to those in my Christian circles that too many women have been turned off of Christianity due to the limits and restrictions placed on them. Rightly so. Sadly, the church can want to confine women (and men) to strict boxes. But in the Bible I see a rich tapestry of men and women, some did not fit in the box at all, but God used them. I consider myself a Christian feminist, and that the Bible is actually pro-woman when read in context. Please know that there are Christians who are also trying to elevate women and create space for the feminine voice. I believe humans are made in the image of God, and that it took both a man and woman to image our God. When the church limits women, it is restricting half of God’s image. This is wrong.

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