Faith In The Bird That Sings

“Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark.”- Rabindranath Tagore

Faith is a difficult concept for some. Many people find the idea off-putting instead choosing with steadfastness, proof, facts and finite concepts. Faith can be seen as mystical, with images of the Oracle of Delphi in a cave expressing visions and predictions. Faith can be viewed as for the faint hearted, weak and poor in spirit. Faith for the unscientific mind, the non-brilliance of genius, the lesser IQ’d. Faith therefore, believed for the ordinary, the every day, that brand of common people. The reality is every one of us despite our beliefs, status in life or place on the planet, will be tested, endure trials and tribulations, come face to face with a crisis of faith. A time of reconciliation or re-evaluation of our life path and purpose.

There is faith in our everyday living, our present and in our future. We have faith beliefs about where we go and what happens after departing from this earth. But, how many of us have faith in ourselves, our path in life, our reason for being? We have faith in others, our employers, our families. We have faith that our grocery stores will be filled with goods and retail stores will provide for the services we require to survive regardless of social status. Faith is not reserved for the faithful defined by those who attend a religious institution. And when you really contemplate on faith, you realize it is a concept we all grasp and depend on to see us through to tomorrow, another day. If you lose your faith, hopelessness and despair quickly replace the space left behind. Without faith, our desire to continue on in this life is seriously compromised.

Yes, faith is something we feel. It is deep down and pulls us through our shadows and dark. Faith is the light at dawn. Faith is the bird that sings in your soul. Faith is knowing. Faith keeps us moving forward toward our life purpose, seeking. Faith gives us answers in our times of despair and loss. Faith brings comfort to the dying, to the living and perhaps to those somewhere in between. Faith is the life raft in the storm, the life-preserver as you are tossed about. Faith is the person who shows up to hold your hand and guide you through. Love is faith. Trust is faith. Solitude and meditation help us to recognize faith singing in our soul.

The month of December is filled with faith, perhaps more so than any other time of year. It is a time when many are challenged to defend their faith. When the lonely and isolated reach for their faith with an open heart, a tearful eye. When the hungry and cold have faith in a hot meal to feed their spirit. When the poor have faith in survival. How many of us contemplate our faith when life is good and kind and prosperous? When all is well in our world. Must we wait for a crisis of faith before we confront ourselves. What is faith, really. Well, faith is the bird that feels the light before the dawn. This December season be the bird. Let your soul sing before the dawn. But first, have faith that you can indeed sing.


Cardinals are symbolic signs of hope and faith. They appear to remind us to keep the faith through times of darkness and despair in our lives. The Cardinal is also rooted in the heart space, hence the color red. Cardinals do not migrate and stay around all year, bringing vibrant color to the gray landscape of winter and the Christmas Season.

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