Head Heart or Soul

According to recent research we make thousands of decisions every day. Some researchers suggest upwards of 30,000. Decisions are reached through a process of thoughts and feelings based on past experiences of problem solving successes and failures, logic, our moral and value system. Basically, what we think and feel is right for us. Sometimes we make choices based on what others think is right or out of fear of what others will think of us. Decision making is a very complex process unique to each individual.

Decisions which require rational thought are formulated by our reasoning. We go over the pros and cons of our decisions and hopefully can determine the possible outcome of our choices based on the solutions we choose. Our past decision-making successes or failures also influence those decisions. Were we praised or ridiculed, supported or left in the cold as a result of the decisions we made. Were we successful in attaining our desired outcome. Rational thought is influenced by many factors such as our religious and spiritual belief systems, our education, our family influences, our peers and place on the earth.

Our heart or emotional decisions are reached from a place of feeling. Decisions based on emotions of the heart can be powerful tsunamis washing over us when we least expect. Emotional decisions come from a place much deeper than thought. Emotions are stored within the heart space, in the strongest muscle within our body. Rational thought decisions take longer, often pondering for days and sleepless nights. Emotional decisions are rapid, quick and swift causing tears to form in the outer corners of our eyes, anxiety in our solar plexus, a quivering voice. Perhaps a loving feeling deep and warm bringing joy. Emotional decisions are in fact, the first twinges of truth in our decision-making processes.

Intuitive decisions are decisions guided by our soul. Intuition is the ability to bypass head and heart and directly connect to the soul. Our intuition is higher thought, emotion from a higher plane of empathy and compassion. The ability to see the problem from a much clearer perspective of love, honesty and truth. Your soul always speaks to you in times of decision but, we push away our intuition because we are not really sure what it is trying to tell us. Sometimes, we do not understand the language of our soul. Intuition is already knowing the problem, seeing it from every possible angle, knowing the solutions, knowing the outcome, seeing into the future and the impact of the decision you have made all rolled into one dynamic soul solution. Quite remarkable if you ask me!

So, why don’t we listen to our intuition? Our world is busy, yes. But, I believe it is really about loosing touch with ourselves, our own souls and what we know to be right and true for us. To have the confidence to stand alone in our decisions, cast aside our egos and the need for approval from others. To really know who you are and do what is right and just.  To understand that the decisions we make often affect others in both positive and negative ways. To create win-win outcomes, not win-lose. Everyone of us have a deep knowing, even in times of doubt of what is right and fair. Why? Because we all have a soul which guides us through life. Our purpose. Whether or not you choose to lead with your head, heart or soul is entirely up to you. Know this. Your soul will never steer you in the wrong direction. It’s all a matter of trusting yourself, your soul. Soul choices are divinely inspired, divinely guided and are simply divine. How will you choose next time you are faced with a decision, head, heart or soul?


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