Turn around. Face forward. Say goodbye to yesterday. A new year is about to begin. Out with the old, in with the new. A new day is dawning. The horizon is bright and promising with beams of sunshine peaking through along the dotted landscape of life. There is new hope once again. Turn around, face forward. Lift your face toward the golden sun. Your eyes sparkle filling your mind and heart with new possibilities and dreams. Tuck nostalgia into your back pocket and keep it close. These are the memories written upon your soul. They carry the feather weightlessness of joy, people, places, moments in time. Nostalgia is the love recipe we bake in time-honored traditions together with family and friends. Nostalgia marks the pages of our stories with the growth charts of our children. Birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms, births, weddings and deaths. Nostalgia unlocks the treasure chest of graduations, snowfalls and raindrops. Dancing in puddles and tiny toes. Nostalgia recollects songs played on our heart-strings, familiar, everyone humming the same tune, smiles and laughter. Nostalgia recolors the pictures faded by time breathing new life into our yesterdays. Nostalgia paints red rosy cheeks in winter and bright blue rain in spring. Polka-dotted sundresses in summer and leaf filled beds with the giggles of children in fall. Nostalgia is revisiting the seasons of your life, the journey leading you home. It keeps us young for it seems like only yesterday doors closed on completed chapters, awakening feelings of excited anticipation to write new beginnings. Days run into nights, weeks into months, years into life and living, pages into chapters. The time behind us. Nostalgia heals our sorrows in times of loss, faces fading, the voices remain, words still spoken. Footsteps grace our hallways along walls framed in black and white. Face forward now, your path beckons, a new venture awaits. The New Year is calling, echos of past lessons healing. Pull out nostalgia from your back pocket one last time this now fading year. Reflect. Wipe away your tears of yesteryear. Now place it gently away once again. Move steadily with rhythm and intent, gracefully into the New Year. Time does not wait nor is patient or kind. The years shall pass more quickly now with each footstep we take. The past whispers, moving steadily away. Your presence a gift, here and now. Today. Your soul calls out for you. The pointer finger on the hand of your Angel beckons, come here. Come with me. Come forward. Life awaits. A New Year is here. A new chapter is waiting to be written and lived.

A New Year filled with hope. And your heart beats, Let it Be. Your soul whispers words of wisdom. Welcome 2017.




Speak Your Truth. Whispering No Longer Serves You

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