Create Solutions

This is a New Year. A time to stop having conversations with your past. A time to cease ruminating over conversations, relationships and events which took a wrong turn, went east instead of west, stood still or sank to the bottom of a deep Cancerian ocean. Perhaps went up in Aries flames with air fueled by Libra, Gemini or Aquarius. Maybe there was interference from a Sagittarius, Capricorn or Scorpio. Or was it simply Divine Intervention? However it is that you define events of your past, the end result is the same unless you have created solutions to the problem.

Think of how much negative energy is expended from our minds, heart and soul to continue to ruminate on the past. Over and over creating the same scenarios, same people,  same conversations, same negative thoughts. The same outcome. Imagine how our energy would feel if we spent that time thinking and planning positive solutions to our problems. Imagine how our brain chemistry might change for the better creating beautiful solutions and outcomes. Just imagine sending out loving energy to the people and places you have lost along the way. And while you have no control over the outcome of the other people involved, it costs nothing to your soul to imagine positive creative solutions. In fact, we know from brain imaging that our brains and bodies resonate at a higher level of consciousness when we think and feel positively.

How then can we create solutions using our energy for good? How can we turn our dark thoughts around, the ones that keep us stuck going nowhere, spinning our wheels. First, ask yourself if a solution is possible. If you say no, then how come you have not been able to let the problem go? If you say yes, then lace up your boot straps, put on your big girl or boy pants and lets begin this journey. Besides, if your coffee maker or tea-pot were broken, I am sure you would have no problem figuring out a solution to get your next cup of java.

Now, sit down with a pen and paper and write down the problem in a simple short statement. That statement might look something like, I said something to hurt______. Or, my drinking has caused relationship problems with______. You may have more than one statement simply because you are human but, start with the most important one affecting your life. Now begin to create a list of solutions without worrying about the success or failure of the outcome. Perhaps you will have a list of Plan A, Plan B and Plan C. The goal is not to judge but, rather to create solutions no matter how unattainable they may seem. Remember there are no wrong answers as long as your ego is out-of-the-way and your intention is pure and kind hearted. Once you have finished your list be kind to yourself and honor your strength and courage for completing the task. Take a moment to tune in with how you feel. And just sit with this new feeling for a little while. Have a cup of tea or coffee.

The next step is to replace your old ways of ruminating and negative thinking with the list of positive solutions that you have created. Imagine each scenario with the positive solution. How do outcomes look different? How differently do you feel? How has the energy of your soul changed? Are you now sleeping better at night with your new creative solutions?

The final step is to begin implementing your creative solutions into unresolved events of the past. Start slow with Fire to light your passion instead of burning bridges. With Air to fuel the positive beautiful loving energy within you and others.  With Water to shed the pent-up emotions of yesterday and soothe the burns and scars left on your soul. With Earth to ground you to your roots and new beginnings. To plant the seed for new growth to flourish. May each and every one of you have a beautiful year creating the solutions that will forever change your life. The power for change lies within you. Use it to create. Solutions.

11 thoughts on “Create Solutions

  1. Sammie Mendez

    Remembering that the power to change is WITHIN us, is the hardest lesson to take away from this whole journey. It’s crazy how intensely cemented our old ways are, until we start trying to break free a little from the concrete! Thank you for the reminder that this new year, setting new intentions, letting go of the old stuff, that will propel me further into the Light, and i can absolutely get down with that!

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