The Push to Conform

The Singing Soul

You have been molded to behave according to familiar and socially acceptable standards of behavior and being. Both men and women regardless of color, culture or sexual orientation. The molds are defined at birth shaped by our family patterns and  expectations. Women lose touch with their feminine divinity in the process. Men take their place among the more powerful, more intelligent, leaders and shapers of our societies. In unique and creative ways, women are awakening to their divine feminine, reconnecting with their purpose and path, finding their truth and speaking out loud. Doing so against the push to conform to expectations of dutiful daughter, obedient wife, powerless divine being, accepting a male definition of God. Awakening not by stepping on others and our male counterparts but rather, with a deep inner knowing that we are worthy of equality in all our interactions and experiences.

My first questioning began in my own family of…

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Speak Your Truth. Whispering No Longer Serves You

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