Soul Parts

Soul parts. The sun and the moon and everything in between. Soul parts are pieces of ourselves that finally come together like a completed puzzle, hopefully before our time on this earth ends. If not, we leave with work unfinished, soul parts wishing we had more time, regrets. Soul parts are what we came here to complete, to rise to the next stage of enlightenment, fix, oil and grease. A squirt of love here, illuminating dark corners there, the elation of joy and sorrow of despair everywhere. Some come to heal past traumas or experience new traumas, some to lead, others to teach. Some to rise above and others to sink below and all the while each of us live our own life. Each of us bringing to this life soul parts completed and those left undone. Each with whole soul parts and broken pieces. Our soul parts make us who we are and our journeys unique. What is common is that we are all here with overlapping lives and experiences, a view of the world and our place in it at a point in time, a speck of dust on the timeline of eternity.

How do you know the parts of your soul that make you who you are? What makes you so different from everyone else on this planet? Can you recognize yourself in a crowd or do you blend in with the larger populous? Soul parts require recognition, contemplation and work. We easily recognize the soul parts of others, their gifts and talents. Their contributions to our world. Think of everyone famous, highlighted and adorned for either good or bad. Now highlight your own. Can you do it or do you automatically struggle and downplay, brush yourself aside or simply refuse to address. What are your soul parts anyway? I am not talking about the roles you play or the masks you wear. I am talking strictly about you, your uniqueness and why you are here. What you are brought to accomplish and share. I am no longer talking about the time you have taken to contemplate these matters through meditation, stillness and prayer. The time has come to begin living with determination and purpose. Your purpose. There is no time left for not knowing about your soul parts, burying your head in the sand or wearing your rose-colored glasses. You, your gifts and your purpose require you to show up and partake in your life and this world right now, today.

Change begins with baby steps rather than jumping off a cliff although, if you have been working hard on attaining your wings, then I say, go for it and fly.  But first, let’s begin by examining the soul part of love. Where are you with love, of self, of others, of our world? Do you accept the soul parts of others abandoning your judgements and false beliefs? Can you accept yourself and others for who they are? Are you able to use your power to empower rather than destroy? Are you able to write another story if the one you have written is no longer working for you? Are you willing to choose a pen of a different color, ink of blue or green?  Love means so many things to so many people especially if you have lost love in your life. Love is the most beautiful and powerful gift we share among all people. Each of us have the ability to experience and give love even through our darkest hours and days. Love is the largest of our soul parts and the one that shrinks the fastest from lack of use, hardening our hearts and the veins and arteries that flow to and fro.

We all experience the sun and the moon throughout our life. We either grow and learn living life differently with more love and joy or we don’t, choosing instead the moon to keep us in the shadows, safe and hidden. Have the courage to lay your soul parts out on the table. The pieces like a puzzle confusing and muddled until we find the strength to begin putting the pieces together forming the picture of us. It truly is the adventure of your life. Otherwise, you might as well keep the puzzle box unopened forever staring at the picture on the front too afraid to tackle the process of putting it all together, finally to come to know yourself. It just takes time, patience and the determination to keep going. Soul parts and the completed you. What a wonderful picture you have created. Open the box to discover your soul parts. You are not just pieces of the puzzle. Your soul is the completed work.

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