Go High

We are all familiar with the dynamic statement spoken by Michelle Obama in the race for the United States Presidency, “When they go low, we go high.” I believe it resonates as one of the greatest and most profound statements of this generation and going forward into the future. It is a conviction about choice and how we choose to deal with adversity, injustice, bullying and prejudice. Dishonesty. To rise above or sink below. We all have in the past, are currently or will have to deal with adversity in our personal lives. The trials and tribulations of living. I am included in this category of every day people. I chose to go high.

So, what does to “go high” mean? What does rising above all the chaos, hurt and untruths look and feel like. What does it feel like to carry on with swords pierced through your back, a heart that is heavy and a mind that is tired and confused? What does it do to your soul to be accused by others, bullied into situations with ultimatums when your intuition screams at you to do what is right for you. Where do you find the strength to overcome betrayal, lies and deceit? Well, it lies inside of you. To find the courage to walk away and direct your energies into creating all things beautiful and loving instead of going to war to defend yourself, your honor and your dignity. This is not a requirement of your soul purpose. Did Dr. Martin Luther King defend himself or did he put his energy into defending the rights of others? Put your energies into something worthwhile instead of depleting your energy in battles about yourself you cannot win or choose to win. What is winning anyway? In winning someone must lose. I prefer win-win situations creating solutions and strategies for future success. And yes, sometimes letting go and letting God. Faith and hope.

Going high means non engagement with people who are intent on destroying all that is good within you. People who put you down instead of raising you up. It means not engaging in the same low behaviors of others. People want to overpower others for three reasons: 1. They are jealous 2. They have low self-esteem 3. They see you as a threat. Knowing this puts drama and chaos into perspective. It helps you go high when you see that it is not really your problem after all but, rather it is the problems of the other. When someone has a problem with you, it is their problem, period. When you remove yourself from the retaliation conflicts and put your energy into doing good works, your energy vibrations soars to new heights. You simply rise. And in doing so, there is no sword that can pierce your armor or your heart.

In my own life, I learned the lesson of going high from many great mentors who came before me. I read and observed how their lives were transformed when they followed their own knowing and discarded the views and opinions of others. Healthy boundaries and right relationships were the foundation of my work in Mental Health. My spiritual beliefs are the foundation of my life and living. Accepting that no one, including myself, is perfect. Valuing honesty. And when you can do nothing else or are feeling powerless, be of service to others, empower. Choose to understand, seek knowledge where there is confusion. Always choose love and compassion towards yourself and those you interact with. Release the energy of grudges for this energy is the slow poisoning of your soul. Have the strength to say goodbye and let go of those individuals and situations which no longer serve you for your greatest good. Go high and rise above. I can tell you the view from the clouds is much more beautiful than the view from the confines of a closed mind. Who would not want to soar instead of sinking into the depths of despair. There is no man nor woman, not by their words or actions, strong enough to keep you from fulfilling your soul purpose. Who ever told you life is fair. Rise up and go high.

There is a saying, “If you are dealt lemons, make lemonade.” I say, not only make lemonade but, set up a stand and give to others, share. And then, make lemon pies and feed the hungry, be of service. Surround yourself and others with all the lemons life has dealt you. Make the sour sweet. Turn that pucker into a smile!


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